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Who’s Mad? Who’s Really, Really, Mad?

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety –Benjamin Franklin Hey Ben, ever heard of nukes? Please tell me who exactly I’m supposed to be mad at? Obama? Be furious, … Continue reading

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Nothing To Fear But Fear-Mongering Itself

¬†#SCOTUS¬†UPDATE: Romney Blasts Supreme Court, Calling Affordable Care Act ‘Worst Idea I Ever Had’-Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! CLUTCH THE PEARLS! RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Okay, are we done yet? Are we done with … Continue reading

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My Top-Ten Things To Do in 2011

1. I will resolve to wave less people ahead of me while driving Why do I do this? It only gets me somewhere in less time, annoys the people driving behind me, and I’m lucky if I get the obligatory … Continue reading

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