Nothing To Fear But Fear-Mongering Itself

 #SCOTUS UPDATE: Romney Blasts Supreme Court, Calling Affordable Care Act ‘Worst Idea I Ever Had’-Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport


Okay, are we done yet? Are we done with the gnashing of teeth, the wringing of hands,the rending of garments and the overall juvenile, trumped-up, hissy-fits from the right?

I mean my God, I haven’t seen that level getting your panties in a twist since Coke changed their formula back in the mid- 80’s. Americans practically flung themselves on funeral pyres in protest until CocaCola went back to its original formula. None of this “new” Coke for this damn country!

We Americans really hate change.

If you are reading this and are pleased with the SCOTUS decision to uphold the ACA, then chances are you know and agree with most of what I’m about to say.

But let’s just say you hate all things Obama. Let’s just say you think this decision is the end of our Constitution, or as the half-term governor Palin tweeted, Obama lies: freedom dies. Uh-huh, that be some scary stuff, but really, the only thing that dies when Palin weighs in on something is the truth (see the bridge to nowhere).

I have a few questions for all those opposed to this act that I would love answers to. Please indulge me. Maybe you can change my mind. Okay, we know that’s probably not going to happen but I’m open to it. I never say never. But I need some answers to help me understand why you feel the way you do.

What exactly are you afraid of and why weren’t you afraid of the healthcare nightmare pre- Romneycare Obamacare?

I ask this in all sincerity. I ask because I know that a huge part of hovering to the right politically includes fear. Lots and lots of fear–trembling, drooling, soil your pants kinds of fear. I’m sometimes amazed that I have not joined right-wing world as I’ve gotten older. You ARE after all, supposed to be a young, dumb, idealistic communist libuhrul in youth and morph into a stodgy, miserable, self-centered douchey conservative as you age, right? Add to that thought the fact that I am known in certain circles as a little on the “cautious” side. There is an urban legend which has become family lore that due to my intense fear of her choking, as a young mother I actually used to “cut ” my daughter’s ice cream. I plead the fifth.

But even I look downright fearless and brave as I stand with the party who tries to right the wrongs of American society (Civil Right Act anyone?) as others have conniptions over changing the mindset and some policies of this great country. The party of “NO! DAMMIT!NO!” live in a cocoon where they clutch their guns in one hand and their bibles in the other. You ain’t a gunna change their minds and they got God and this here shot-gun to make sure that ain’t a never gunna happen anyhow. Move along now. No minds to enlighten here.

The House of Representatives will hold yet another feckless, time-wasting, stomping of the feet vote to repeal The Affordable Care Act. REPEAL AND REPLACE! The problem is, they never, ever, ever are specific with what they would “replace” it with, except to throw out the typical “states rights” and we will “look into” how we can keep some of the things that we like about Obamacare. Yes, look into that like you have looked into that previously and yet done absolutely nothing about it since you were founded in a little schoolhouse in Wisconsin in 1854. Har-dee-har-har.

This is what these Republicans do. They are never specific with their own plans and how they would pay for it. They like to toss the ball around leisurely in the backyard for show and boldly claim they are driving for a touchdown in the Superbowl. They are marking time until the election. They have done nothing of substance or vision to help this President move this country forward in a positive direction except to introduce a gazillion bills to regulate the vagina and try stop me from listening to Car Talk on NPR every weekend.

The Republicans remind me of Ricky Ricardo on every other episode of I Love Lucy. “Lucy, we can’t afford it… Lu-cy!” Ricky would scream. Well, the problem is WE CANNOT AFFORD HEALTHCARE NOW ! Healthcare is unsustainable NOW. Healthcare consumes 17% of our GDP and its costs are spiraling out of control NOW. Healthcare costs have doubled since 1999 with no relief in sight. For many Americans who actually have health insurance, even that does not preclude them from the nightmare that can be our present system:

A 2007 survey by the Commonwealth Fund  found that even among Americans who were insured all year, 16 percent reported being unable to pay their medical bills, 15 percent had been called by a collection agency about medical bills, 10 percent changed their way of life to pay medical bills and 10 percent were paying off medical bills over time. Because of medical bills or accumulated medical debt, an estimated 28 million adults reported they used up all their savings, 21 million incurred large credit card debt, and another 21 million were unable to pay for basic necessities. And yet sixty-one percent of those with medical debt or bill problems were insured at the time care was provided.

It’s not like President Obama is taking a Ferrari and turning it into an Edsel. He is trying to turn the Edsel into a Ferrari. Oops, a Ferrari is European isn’t it? Damn that Eurofascist!

It is a testimony to the ignorance that most people have of this law that when citizens are asked if they support The Affordable Care Act, there is tepid acceptance by some and outright rejection by many.

However, when the act is broken down into its constituent parts, people like it. Oh yes, I like that pre-existing conditions can’t be used to deny me coverage. Oh sure, I love that my kid can stay on my policy until he or she is 26. Oh man, I think it’s great that people won’t go bankrupt if they hit the lifetime caps. Yes, yes, of course, of course. I just love it! Duh.

It is understandable why some might be frightened by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act when the right has honed and perfected their scare tactics. Death panels! wails the quitter Sarah Palin. People will lose their jobs! cries (literally) Boehnor. It is the end of democracy as we know it! spits every dunderhead on FAUX News nightly. Yeah, death panels. Another big, fat, whopper from the righties sweetheart that was named “The lie of the year” in 2009 by Politifact.

You do know, squawk the interchangeable, female, bottle-blonde, bobble-heads on GOP TV, that if Obamacare (slur) passes, you will have to wait 4 years to see your doctor. Hey ladies, I don’t know about you, but have you ever tried to make a gyno appointment recently? My eggs dried up and blew away after a strong gust of wind the last time I had the pleasure of waiting forever and a day for an appointment to take a ride in those frozen stirrups.

So what are you scared of?

The majority of people (about 85%) who have healthcare, and like their healthcare, will still have healthcare. Is that scary?

Premiums will, in time, come down for those of us who are paying outrageous premiums now. Is that scary?

People won’t have to stay at jobs where they are unhappy simply because they need health coverage. Now they have real choices. Is that scary?

The CBO, the NON-PARTISAN numbers crunchers have said that this act will REDUCE THE DEFICIT BY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over 10 years. Is this at all scary?

And can we please stop the bullcrap from the right when they say that Romneycare is different than Obamacare because it is a state law and not a federal one. Quick! look up the word disingenuous in the dictionary. That’s you.

The truth is that Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare and according to the man who designed both Romney’s plan and Obama’s plan, Johnathon Gruber, and I quote directly from him, “It is the same fucking bill.” From the Daily Beast:

The problem for Romney is that there are no fundamental differences between the two laws. Both programs create exchanges where private insurers compete. Both require individuals to purchase insurance. And both subsidize those who can’t afford it. It’s a relatively new way of extending coverage. Massachusetts was the first place it was adopted, and the Affordable Care Act was the second.

And get this, Romney’s plan actually has stiffer penalties (go ahead and call them taxes you ninnies people so easily manipulated by the right) for non-compliance:

The only difference between Romney’s mandate and Obama’s is that Romney’s plan levies a harsher penalty on people who don’t buy insurance: $1,200 versus Obama’s $695

Perhaps the biggest con job in the history of con jobs perpetuated on the American public by the right is that while Mr. Romney is on the record fully and enthusiastically endorsing the individual mandate and in essence stopping free-loaders from sponging off the system using–HORRORS–tax penalties, we are supposed to buy that he now has changed his mind once again? Here are Romney’s own words:

“Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages ‘free riders’ to take responsibility for themselves rather than pass their medical costs on to others,” he wrote.

What? All of a sudden individual responsibility is no longer a Republican tennent and has become a Democratic one? Mitt does NOT endorse individual responsibility now but he did just 5 months ago? Boy, he really thinks we are a bunch of huckleberries, doesn’t he? More Mitt-isms:

“Whether you like it or not like it, it was seen as conservative to say that individuals who could pay for insurance should either buy their own insurance or help the state pay for their cost if they become ill but people shouldn’t be able to go to the hospital and expect government to pay for them. So we can have a discussion as to whether it’s conservative or not conservative but our view was that individuals had a responsibility to care for themselves, a personal responsibility.”

As the blog article from The Daily Kos so bluntly puts it, It’s personal responsibility when the state is asking for it, but it’s an onerous tax when the federal government is asking for it. Yeah, that makes sense.

You see what I mean by disingenuous? I kindly use that in place of something unflattering like hypocritical lying sack of crap.

The truth is the Republicans have no answers except when the answer is NO! The truth is that Republicans keep saying they can do this whole healthcare thing better but have never in the history of the world ever cared about this issue. Never in the history of the world have the Republicans taken up the mantle of healthcare reform (well, we now know Romney did but now he despises his own idea). Never in the history of the world have the Republicans been proactive and not reactive when the left has said that we have a broken healthcare system where we pay the most of any country in the world for it and receive some of the worst outcomes as a result of it. The progressives say let’s try to do something about fixing it and the fearmongers conservatives sit on their cold, immoveable, greedy little digits and spread their special brand of b.s.

Admittedly,Obamacare is not perfect and has its flaws, mostly because it should have been single-payer which the right wouldn’t hear of. It will have to have bi-partisan support in order to fix what will need to be fixed moving forward, which does scare me because the right will not work with the left in the Tea Party bully era. So there is no argument there, even among the staunchest supporters of the Affordable Care Act. However, what would be helpful is if the right would stop flat out obstructing and causing unnecessary hysteria for those who are seriously ill-informed as it is when it comes to how this all works and what the effects of this historic bill actually are.

It is not a “job-killer” which is one of the right’s tried and true pet adjectives to describe every program that the Democrats have ever tried to pass. This is once again, proven to be untrue when you actually look into the facts. Politifact again shows that:

… the GOP is clearly pushing the “job-killer” claim. House Speaker John Boehner used the phrase “job-killing” to describe the health care law seven times on Thursday in a press conference that lasted less than 14 minutes — that’s once every 2 minutes. He also used the phrases “destroy jobs” and “destroying jobs” once each when talking about the law. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Republicans named their bill to repeal the health care law: “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.”

But is the health care law really “job-killing” as claimed? We find that to be another case of exaggerated and misleading labeling.

Wow. Shocker.

This is not a socialist takeover by Obama. Actually it is the opposite:

The principal reason the Affordable Care Act has been called unprecedented is that it declines to follow the New Deal approach of having a monolithic government agency be the single provider of a good or service. Instead, the law adopts a new approach, one conservatives have long supported, of using providers in the private market to deal with social and economic problems.

Contrary to Sarah Palin’s hyperbolic protestations, freedom will not die:

Liberty is always said to be fatally eroded, it seems, when great advances in social legislation take place. The lawyers who urged the Supreme Court to strike down the Social Security Act of 1935 argued that if Congress could provide a retirement system for everyone 65 and older, it would have the power to set the retirement age at 30 and force the very young to support everyone else.

It was said that if Congress had the authority to create a minimum wage of $5 an hour, it would also be a regulation of commerce to set the minimum at $5,000 an hour. In 1964, critics argued that if Congress could tell restaurant owners not to discriminate on the basis of race, it could tell them what color tablecloths to use. None of these things happened.

Nothing in the health-care law tells doctors what they must say to patients or how those patients are to be treated. It only requires people to either have insurance coverage or pay a modest tax penalty.

Nearly 75 years ago, a Supreme Court dominated by appointees of conservative presidents rejected the challenge to the constitutionality of the Social Security Act. The words of Justice Benjamin Cardozo’s 1937 opinion are relevant today:

“Whether wisdom or unwisdom resides in [the statute in question] it is not for us to say. The answer to such inquiries must come from Congress, not the courts.”

And that is the truth my friends. Stop being so easily fooled and manipulated by buzzwords and talking points meant to trigger visceral reactions. The Republicans are notorious for scare tactics which are akin to those times it was insinuated by the adults in your life while growing up that you will go blind if you pleasure yourself, or at the very least, have very tell-tale hairy palms. It made ya think twice, right? Scary right? True? Not so much.

The right needs to be able to scare you so that they can continue to funnel unimpeded a bunch of our tax dollars to the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about. The right needs to keep pumping our tax dollars into big oil and big pharma and big corporations. Oooh, don’t look at those gaudy subsidy numbers folks. Don’t question why Jerry the janitor pays more of his income in taxes percentage-wise than Mitt Romney does. Don’t question why corporations are hoarding trillions of after-tax profits in cash, offshoring our jobs, and rewarding their CEO’s with paychecks 400 times greater than what the average firefighter makes risking their lives for our general welfare. Pay no attention the to the man behind the curtain. Instead look over here at our shiny, distracting beams of light! Taxes! Taxes! Lose jobs, lose jobs! Destruction of the Constitution! Freedom is dead! Ahhhhhhhhh.

These Republicans, they really are sumpthin’. They’ll scare you straight. BOO! Made ya flinch.

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