There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.

Deuteronomy 15:11

What am I doing here at 5:27 a.m. the Friday after Thanksgiving, trying to write this hideous blog when I have a project due for my master’s program in a week and need to be working on that?

It is only because I’m once again slapped in the face with the bitter reality of  bogus stories emanating from the crap factory that is Fox “News” that I sit here sipping coffee with my trusty sidekick Bruce, the fat orange cat, sprawled out over half of my keyboard.

My problem is that when I come across sleazy attempts to make people lose their humanity, I find myself getting increasingly agitated and need to get the disquieting thoughts out of my head through this vehicle.

My problem is now your problem.

So there’s this John Stossel nimrod whom I’ve watched since I was pretty young on the news. He was one of those “news busters” types. He’d be the one going “undercover” at the amusement park to show us how the workers at the stands actually crazy-glue down those bottles you throw a baseball at in order to win a Teddy Bear.

You know, real hard-hitting stuff.

Well he has somehow managed to land on Fox News Business doing pretty much the same thing, except now he can peddle his libertarian bullshit to all the angry, white males who tune in to get their tighty-whiteys in a twist.

I guess it’s “hip” to be all libertarian today. Cool. Whatever. “Sex, drugs, John Galt and no taxes or regulations too!” you can fit on a bumper sticker so have at it!

Besides the fact that libertarianism is conservative ideology on meth and real libertarians vote in lock-step with corporate and rich republicans, what makes me nuts about the Stossel mentality is that when you set up artificial stings like the stunt he pulled recently (he’s done it before-it’s his shtick), you dehumanize us all. In Stossel-land, everyone is a huckster if you can find one bad apple…oops, a poor bad apple. The rich ones are forgiven because they are the sterling ones, the “job-creators.” You’ve never found Stossel setting up a sting in a Wall Street corner office, have you?

In case you missed it, Stossel went “undercover” as a homeless man. He wound up making bookoo bucks after just one hour (a whole 11 dollars), enough he calculated, to live high on the hog at about 23,000 a year!  It proved, I tell ya,  proved that giving your hard earned money to worthless pieces of shit is not only stupid you liberal panty-wastes, it is also criminal because it enables the bums to buy beer and cupcakes and besides, most of those street beggars are frauds!

This prig, who looks like he is eating a lemon at all times, felt “foolish and uncomfortable” begging for that whole hour. Then, after generous people dropped their Washingtons in Stossels scam cup, he told them what idiots they were for doing so. Just for good measure, he went on a Fox morning show to spread his message to millionaires like Elizabeth Hasselbeck who was all clutching her pearls over the idea of making homeless people seem worthy of our hard-earned scratch.

Stossel makes the claim that “most” of the people on the street are bogus. They are all living out in the Hamptons and take the train into the city to sit on the sidewalk for 8 hours a day and make more than minimum wage! Homelessness isn’t actually real, or terrifying, or dangerous, or even necessary according to the mustache. Heck no! Homelessness is a money-maker and the sooner you stop caring and giving, the better!

First of all, I don’t know where Stossel gets his “facts” from, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Most people you see sprawled out on the bird-crap painted sidewalk are not there “making a living.” Many are mentally and physically disabled. Most of the money they get from kind-hearted people is used for food. If you want some facts from some research done, click here.

It is so enlightening that Stossel never takes the perspective of the beggar. Has he ever researched how it feels to sleep on the street overnight in bitter cold or searing heat? Has he ever stayed in a homeless shelter for a week to gauge how the conditions are for people and families hard up? No. He actually makes the case that this is a great gig! He really, really, really wants to make us all feel so stupid and preach to us as to why we shouldn’t throw a quarter into some poor dude’s grimy cup.

Stossel is the real huckster, who makes his very ample living by selling fear and loathing.

Yes, John, homeless people are lazy, drug-addled, dregs of society and the only way to help them is through some “tough-love.” Instead of sparing a dime, perhaps you should give ’em a little kick and tell ’em to get moving and get a damn job! See how easy that is?

Poor always = lazy.

Homelessness always = your fault.

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Blahbity- blahbity- blah.

I compare this story to the one I ran across this morning about a Mormon bishop who dressed up as a homeless man and fooled his own congregation. He wanted to see the reactions of his “flock.” He was told to leave the premises by one member of the ward and he felt that the children were the ones who were most sympathetic to him and wanted to help him the most.

Mr. Stossel would call this bishop an “enabler” because he is trying to “humanize” homeless people, I suppose.

Compassion? Bah-humbug!

This day after Thanksgiving I give thanks to those who choose humanity over the faux Christianity of the Elizabeth Hasselbecks of the world and the Ayn Randian worldview of people like John Stossel.

Hey Stossel, go set up shop at JPMorgan Chase and we’ll talk. I hope you would come away thinking that we should stop molly-coddling those rich banksters. That is because when they make too much money from peddling bad loans and tanking the economy, they can buy a lot of coke.

And we shouldn’t “enable” them, right?

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I am a teacher and I love my job.
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