“Alright. And, really: Politics aside, should we be surprised that the IRS takes special attention to the tax forms of the Tea Party? Judging from the terrible spelling on their protest signs, attention to detail isn’t really their thing. It’s not fair to scrutinize somebody for hating Obama, but you might want to give them a second look if they spell it ‘Obambo.’ Really!”
-Seth Meyers

I will be totally stealing a line from my favorite faux “newscaster” Seth Meyers from SNL when I comment on the response from the “R’s” to the President’s remarks about student loan rates doubling on July 1. Because unless Congress gets off their collective fat, cellulite-pocked, Jello-like, obstructionist ass and does something about it, the interest rates will double and you know what the response from the Rebumblicans was?

Obama is being “petty” and “partisan”

Obama is “grandstanding.”


Really Republicans?

You know, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy the last few years  trying to highlight the idiocracy that is now the Teapublican party down there in D.C. I write about it here in this hideous blog to the point of nausea. I post about their buffoonery on my Facebook page obsessively, even as I watch the unfriending” from my Republican “friends” or at least can just “sense” the blocking of my newsfeed at the very least…buh-bye!.

There are literally weeks where there are so many bombastic, infuriating, stupid, obnoxious, and/or hysterical missives flowing from the party of the rich and hateful (oh settle down there Sparky, it’s called satire) that I can literally start writing about one of them—then get distracted because some ditz on Fox said something so brazenly idiotic that I just have to comment on it.

Watching the righties perform is like eating Chinese food where you are hungry an hour after you eat. If you wait an hour after you hear one imbecilic remark, another one will come along on its heels.

So yesterday, I was perusing the Twitterverse when I came across the story about President Obama speaking in the Rose Garden about the student loan rates possibly doubling unless action is taken by the miscreants in Congress. President Obama has a plan which differs—and not ever so slightly—from the other side’s plan.

I’m not going into detail, but you can read about it here. Suffice it to say, the prez wants students to pay less over time and the Teapublicans want them to pay more.

The Republicans want students seeking to better themselves and our country to help pay off our debt through student loan interest and let Wall Street borrow at 0% interest.

You know, there is a reason why the R’s have earned the moniker  ‘the party of the rich.’ This is a perfect example. You see, in the world of the right, it’s good to let the big banksters take money from the Fed at seriously low rates, but just try to let some poor shlub  from some working-class family in Bumfuck, Idaho try it— then you have a problem on your hands.

With regard to the discrepancies of both plans I’ll let you judge for yourself which is better for Americans (no I won’t-Obama’s plan is better), but it is the response from ‘Captain turtle-face’ McConnell and Speaker ‘Weepy’  Boehner that really cemented exactly what kind of galling asshattery goes on in DC with this new breed of righties.

But let me preface my comments, because uhm, in case you haven’t heard …




Throw in…


So what I’m ever-so subtly trying to say is that the right-wing world insistence that they smear President Obama without any evidence linking him to anything untoward, except the endless loop of conjecture and irresponsible “what-iffery” that goes on in right-wing television shows and blogs (and with evidence actually TO THE CONTRARY), and through their laughable tactics, only seems to work with their “people.” Most Americans with half a brain can see-through the manure that the righties fling. It has become such the “cry-wolf” party.

The party of the right has done all it can to halt progress and stifle governance while they play their irresponsible and petty games.

Look over here! Obama did something bad in Benghazi!

What is that?

Well, we haven’t really figured it out yet, but we know it was bad. Bad we tell ya! We’ll just keep saying Benghazi! and holding hearings at great taxpayer expense and wasted time until the next election because we have no ideas or any desire to actually earn our fat salaries and pensions and govern for the good of the country.

Oh and Watergate! Watergate! This is worse than Watergate!

How in the world does any of this compare to Watergate?

It just does! Trust us. We know Obama is acting worse than Nixon. We have no evidence, but who needs evidence? The American public is so stupid that they’ll believe us, with no evidence, because Sean Hannity tells them what to think. Awesome, isn’t it?

We just need to keep our jobs and get more of our kind elected in order to continue the non-governing (except repealing Obamacare 967,000,000 times) and filibustering.

We need to distract and confuse the electorate with any scandal dujour and pin it to Obama so they can’t see that the country is healing, growing economically, reducing the deficit (too fast probably), no thanks to us.

So after the POTUS tries to force Congress to do the right thing by students and their families, speaker Boehner issues this statement:

“Last week, the House passed legislation that would prevent student loan rates from doubling and permanently take politics out of the issue.  The bill already passed by the House provides a market-based variable interest rate, mirroring what the president proposed in his own budget.  The differences between the House plan and the president’s are small, and there’s no reason they cannot be overcome quickly.  But today, rather than working to resolve the issue, the president resorted to a campaign stunt to try to score political points.  If the president is truly unhappy with inaction, the only place to look is the Democratic-run Senate, which has taken no action to prevent rates from doubling.

“Campaign stunt”?

Sure John. But if it is one, perhaps it is a necessary evil to combat the filibustering  which your party has used and abused since the day Obama took office. You remember that day, don’t you? The day when the only thing on your minds was making Obama a one-term president and NOT rolling up your sleeves and getting to work on actually governing. Right sweetie?

How about hearing from the Senate minority leader Mr. McConnell:

“Here’s one issue where the two parties can and should find quick agreement. Unfortunately, the president appears more interested in needlessly stoking partisan divisions in Washington.”

Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho! Whoo- hoo. I mean, he’s obviously kidding right? Oh what a jokester, old turtle-puss is.

Seriously though, he must be joshing and Boehner has to be kidding because otherwise they each have a set as big as VW’s.

Because “pot-calling-kettle-black” doesn’t begin to cut it.

Yes, how dare the President “lead” on an issue, which is what you all screech about on your blogs and Twitter feeds and say he doesn’t do.

How dare the President call you out for making it harder for students to pay back massive loans, after all, it’s the corporations who need their asses protected before college pukes.

What nerve Obama’s got for actually tending to the business of making our country better and getting the issues before the citizens when you’ve got non-scandals and fear to peddle.

I mean come on Obama, stop it!

You are harshing our scandal buzz man. Really.


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