Clever Like a Fox? Hardly.

 I know when you watch Fox News.

I really do.

No I’m not clairvoyant like Santa Clause,who supposedly knows when you’ve been good or bad, which is enough make any 9 year-old straighten up and fly right.

However, I also know when you read or the Drudge Report, listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and worship at the gold-plated, conspiracy-fueled altar of Glenn Beck.

I know you read Drudge because you actually believe and then repeat to anyone within earshot at wedding receptions ( while snarfing down cocktail weenies like Obama was going to outlaw them), a ridiculous and untrue story they actually published as “fact” on their website, like that the President had time to “meet with a pirate, but had no time to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu” last year.

You definitely read Breitbart when you tweet a link to their site which happily announced that Paul Krugman, the lefty-economist, declared bankruptcy. The only problem was it wasn’t true. Breibart used information from a satiracle news website and published it as real news. It was a hoax.

I can always tell who listens to Sean Hannity because they never refer to the President by name, only as “the anointed one” and still just cannot believe that he won and Romney lost (because wittle Sean predicted a Romney victory ). Hey Seany boy, that’s now TWICE “anointed.” Oh that has GOT to sting a little, huh buddy?

However, what really fired me up and prompted me to write about this topic was an item I read about this Eric Bolling from the evening Fox News show, “The Five.” Admittedly, I often can’t stomach more than a fleeting glance at shows like these on Fox. I rely on others to “take one for the team” by watching, then reporting back about the lies and absurdities they air daily. For this enormous sacrifice, I am eternally grateful.

Incredibly, this arrogant, Glenn Beck wannabee Bolling was on this panel of 5, speaking about the Iraq War. I won’t even comment on his “opinion” that the Iraq War was the “smartest thing Bush ever did” for the obvious reason that anyone who says that is functioning at an intellectual level below that of a sea cucumber (my apologies to sea cucumbers). But hey, he has a right to his opinion as dubious as it may be.

But  what really got me to stand up and shout, “WTF are you talking about?!” was his assertion that IRAQ NEVER INVADED KUWAIT.

That’s right, Eric Bolling, a major player on a major program on the Fox News network actually had the chutzpah to deride Bob Beckel (the lefty sacrificial lamb) when he (correctly) informed Bolling that Iraq did, in fact, invade Kuwait.

Here is Bolling’s (rather annoyed and dismissive) response to the correction:

“No, he didn’t go into Kuwait,” Bolling said. “He lined them up and then we went and did Desert Storm and stopped him. He lit the Kuwaiti oil fields on fire, but he didn’t ever actually go into Kuwait to try and take the country down. He never got there. He decided to light the oil fields on fire.”

Uhm…I hate to break this to you Mr. Bolling, but Iraq most definitely did invade Kuwait. They occupied that country for 7 months. Uhm, we, the United States of America, actually went to war by declaring on January 16, 1991 that “the liberation of Kuwait has begun.”

Gotta give ya a big ole’ duh on that one.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly anymore, the right-wing grasp of history (or science or math) is tenuous at best, deliberately misleading at its worst, and often hysterically fractured much of the time (see Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann). But what is especially frightening is that many of the Fox news viewers at home probably had no idea that Bolling was just flat-out wrong. What is more likely is that many of them probably just nodded their heads in agreement and smug satisfaction after Bolling told that Beckel what’s what. Even more depressing is the stark reality that if they did know the truth, they just didn’t care that their guy was a misinformed idiot. They will tune in tomorrow, truth be damned.

It got me thinking about so much of what I’ve come across these last few years in the way of argument and debate with those on the dark side other side. Way too often, they just don’t have their facts straight. I blame what they are watching, reading, and listening to…and what they’re not.

Do you want to know precisely how I know you are in your own little bubble of misinformation because of Fox? I know because you usually never have the facts right, or the facts you do quote leave out pertinent information. I know when you mention Benghazi during a conversation about the weather.

For example, I know you are watching FOX News when all of the other news outlets are showing President Obama receiving the highest civilian honor from Israel and FOX simultaneously declaring that under the President, Israel’s enemies have gotten stronger, so you post on your Facebook page that under Obama, Israel’s enemies are getting stronger.

Crap, has anyone told Israel this?

I know you are watching Fox News when you mention Benghazi, which was a despicable event and a tragedy in every sense of the word, but can’t come up with anything other than a blank stare, or mutter “Obama sucks” when asked if you are as outraged by the SEVEN attacks on US embassies abroad and numerous American lives taken under the Bush administration?

I indubitably know you are a Fox newsie when I hear any of these words or phrases dribbling out of your mouth with regard to President Obama, or even the democratic/progressive agenda in general:

Muslim, radical Christian, Kenyan, Hussein, birth certificate, Beghazi, no budget in 5 years, Saul Alinsky, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi (did I mention Benghazi already? It’s ok, it deserves to be repeated because it’s a biggie for them), big spending liberal, FEMA camps, one-world order, socialist, communist, fascist, Marxist, Islamo-terrorist sympathizer, class warfare, golf, vacations, The war on coal, The war on religion, The war on Christmas, The war on Easter (personally, I could go for a war on April Fools day since I get snookered literally every year by someone. Obama, get crackin’), climate change is a hoax, climate change is not happening, snow means there is no global warming, global warming is good, entitlement mentality, gun-grabbers, anchor babies, death panels, free-stuff, Obamaphone. Benghazi. Did I say Benghazi?

I damn well know you get your information only from Fox News when you can bring up Fast and Furious in a nano-second, but don’t have the slightest idea of all the facts when pressed and prodded. Important facts are often missing from your arguments, like that Fast and Furious actually was a program started under Bush. Another missing fact from your repertoire is the reality that one of the main reasons that the government couldn’t arrest the straw purchasers was because of Republican-NRA enacted laws (or lack of them.) Laws not passed by Republicans and lobbied against by the NRA that made it harder to arrest those buying the weapons to sell to cartels and made the job of the prosecutor that much tougher to convict them once arrested. Anyone 18 or older could buy any amount of guns, had no waiting period requirement and no permit requirement. There were other pertinent details about F&F that people know nada about which are germain to the entire story. But elucidating all the facts is not the important part for these outfits. Ginning up fear and loathing is the goal. So when I have a conversation about this story with someone who watches or listens to only right-wing mouth-breathers, it does not surprise me in the least that they have only part of the story.

Another way I know that you only watch that “we report, you decide” channel is when you are really freaking incensed over the supposed “Obamaphone” which again, if you had your facts complete, you would know was a program started DECADES AGO under Saint Ronnie Reagan, and is not paid for by the government.

Whether you agree or disagree with the theories and justifications behind these programs is a separate matter, but the facts are not negotiable.

Lately, I know that you only watch Fox News when you say that it’s Obama’s fault that gas prices are getting so damn high, but never give him the credit he must certainly deserve when the gas prices start to plummet, or hysterically push the idea that falling gas prices are actually bad for the economy. I swear, they said that.

I know you only listen to or watch right-wing media when you can’t tell me what a filibuster is or why the Senate now needs 60 votes to pass bills instead of the 51 which the Founders intended, but you scream that it’s all Obama’s fault why nothing can get done in Washington.

And in perhaps one of the saddest and yet infuriating ways that I know you watch or listen to the right-wing wackos is when you insist that the Newtown shooter did not use an assault rifle on those innocent lives in an elementary school last December. Or even worse, you are one of those Newtown “truthers” who say it was perpetrated by our government in order to grab your guns. Or you tell me supposed facts about what areas of the country have less crime or gun deaths BECAUSE people are allowed to carry guns around like John Wayne, which just isn’t factual. I know you keep your television tuned to one channel and one channel only when you tell me that banning assault-type weapons, enacting background checks, and limiting magazine size is “unconstitutional”, when in fact, even the First Amendment right to “free speech” is regulated. Yes, that’s how I know you watch, listen to, or read, nothing but right-wing propaganda.

It is apparent that there is a huge information gap between people who only get their information from one source, and those who don’t.

What we have here folks is a war. A war on intelligence. A war on facts. A war on reality. A war on integrity.

Do I watch MSNBC? Absolutely, and I make no apologies. I enjoy the brilliance of Maddow and the unheralded Chris Hayes, whose weekend program is one of the smartest and comprehensive and yes even “balanced” programs on the airwaves. However, I also read countless newspapers from around the country and the world, magazines and blogs on all sides of the spectrum from the left, center and right, watch all the networks at various times, including CSPAN. I listen to all kinds of talk radio as well.

Does MSNBC have a lefty/progressive slant and attitude? Absolutely. But they also give 2 hours of airtime everyday to the conservative Joe Scarborough. However, what I’ve also noticed is that MSNBC never makes the claim that they are “impartial” like Fox does with their “Fair and Balanced” malarkey (I have never once said or typed the words ‘fair and balanced’ without chuckling…ever). MSNBC also does not deliberately, willfully, and knowingly disseminate untruths or omit pertinent information on a daily basis. That is the job of Fox, and they do so with impunity.

Perhaps I speak too soon. It seems that since the election, Fox’s ratings have dropped alarmingly, as has the ratings for wind-bags like Sean Hannity. So that’s a good sign.

Because you are 100% entitled to your own opinions, just not your own facts.

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I am a teacher and I love my job.
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  1. chris murphy says:

    Jodi well done. Is the a way to post this on Facebook?

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  2. You are clever like a fox… Really. I don’t tell you enough but I love your blog. I make it a point to send it onto my sisters. Keep it coming. Happy Easter!

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