Sandy Tears of Joy and Pain

November 4: Barack Obama elected President

November 4: Barack Obama elected President (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t stop crying. America died.

-Victoria Jackson of SNL fame on the re-election of President Barack Obama

The next sound you hear will be me, exhaling.


It’s over. It’s done. The longest and most annoying election cycle ever in the history of election cycles is a fait accompli. However, for me personally, it was the surrealist of surreal election nights. You see, I live in New Jersey just a few miles from the shoreline, in one of the hardest hit places from the bitch called Sandy.

I count my lucky stars that I was personally spared any major destruction even as neighbors and family lost homes and vehicles from falling trees and floods. My biggest downer was the loss of some food and power for 8 days, then getting it back for a day, then losing it again during a freak snow event, a nor’easter that hit the shore, knocking us down just one more peg whether we liked it or not. Nature and honey badgers don’t give a f*ck evidently.

I am still in a state of shock over the destruction the storm deposited, and can only give my heartfelt condolences to friends and family and aquaintences who lost their homes–hell-lost everything that they own–with the roar of the wind and the rush of the tide. I’ve heard too many hideous stories like the one about a little nine year-old girl who had to swim out of her home two blocks away from me as I lay sleeping, albeit ever so lightly, out of fear that the hurricane would unleash falling trees onto my roof, which by the grace of God never materialized. I mean, a little girl had to swim out of her home. How is that even real?

Hurricane Sandy pushed to the waaaay-waaaaay back-burner the election that I have waited for with anxiety and trepidation for months now. Before Sandy, I had tortured my Facebook friends for a year with a constant barrage of political musings and disparaging memes of the opposition party. I had some moments of tension between family and friends. I’m sure I was “unfriended” and my newsfeed blocked by more than a few. There were times when I cared about all of that. But the more the campaign went on, and the more I heard and read of the hate and vitriol this President had to endure, and the ridiculous lies and talking points from people who got all of their {mis}information from the Fox cretins, and the smarmy tactics of voter suppression the R’s perpetrated, the more I didn’t give a flying fig if someone didn’t like it. This election was that important to me. I can look at myself in the mirror.

Throughout the long days and dark nights without electricity, I heard on my radio that my Governor Chris Christie worked stoically throughout this disaster and seemingly did all the right things. I respect that, although the real heroes were the first-responders who risked their lives to save others in the rising flood waters, and the volunteers who have been unselfishly giving their time and money to help the displaced. I do not like a lot of what Christie does or says, but I do respect him for not always playing politics. We have a lot in common, me and CC. We both love the Mets, adore Springsteen , and enjoy food a little too much. If Christie would just tone down the bully crapola, and rethink his policy choices that favor the rich, the corporations, and the polluters, he could sway me. Not holding my breath.

Since I had no power, I never got to see in realtime he and Obama cementing their bro-mance as they teamed up to give some comfort and aid to the victims of my home state. I understand that the right lost their shit over that. Oh well. Too bad, so sad, conservatives. The grown-ups had to get to work to do what was right for the citizens, if not your self-serving power plays.

As of this writing, I’ve easily gained the now infamous “Sandy five” by eating nothing but potato chips, chocolate anything, and guzzling the grape like I was going to jail in the morning. I ingested mass quantities of food and drink frantically, mostly due to boredom and anxiety while my glazed over, blood-shot, eyes stared at a blank 52 inch HD TV screen for days. I listened to radio like I did as a kid when I’d nod off to sleep listening to Bob Murphy give the “happy recap” after a rare New York Mets win in the 70’s. I attempted to turn on lights for 3 days after losing electricity when I entered any room and shook my head from the idiocy of my rote actions. I watched the utility trucks from out-of-state arrive in convoys and cheered them at every passing. I made some modest attempts to try to do something… anything…to help those who had no place to go, no food, no immediate hope. It was, and still is, truly humbling and eye-opening to watch folks who have lost so much look you in the eye and say thank you…and really mean it.

At this point, I am honestly much too weary and worn to give this blog entry the kind of effort and attention that I normally would extend. I have so many diverse thoughts and deep feelings about the election and its aftermath but too much of it is just a jumbled mess in my mind. I’m on overload. I cannot just yet form a clearly focused narrative to my liking. However, I do have some things I’d like to get off my chest about the aftermath of this election.

First of all, I am excited, relieved,” happy-clappy” as my girl Stephanie Miller likes to say, and yes, a wee bit surprised at the final tally of the election. President Obama just about ran the table in the swing states, which in my mind was pretty remarkable. He won the popular vote as well by almost 3 million, and if not for the storm suppressing the vote in the blue states, it would have been higher. Therefore, all you dividers and media circus clowns can step off. Contrary to what Boehner so ungraciously uttered after Obama secured the presidency, he does have a mandate. He is vindicated. He won, fair and square, in an electoral landslide and with a healthy popular vote considering the times. The people have decided they want President Obama’s moderate, balanced approach to fixing what ails us, and not the extremist and obstructionist bullcrap from the right-wing teahadists and the Etch-a-sketch vulture capitalist who refused to show us his taxes. Good riddance to a truly rudderless human being and brazenly dishonest candidate. We did not need a president whose ultimate goal was to just be a president, and would change his policies on a dime depending on who he was standing in front of at the time.

But here’s the fun part. Grab the popcorn, settle in, and watch as the right-wing comes unhinged and literally bangs their collective heads against the wall…and each other {sqeeeeee}.

The usual suspects were in rare and depressed and belligerent form once the election was called. Limbaugh, Coulter, Ingram, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, and countless others who are part of the looney-sphere, and a big part of the problem in these here United States, went postal. Their bayonets sharpened, fixed and ready.

The joker with the world’s worst hair, Donald Trump, tweeted such pure sewage that he had to delete them all later. The hair thing is saying something since completely seared into my memory bank is the image of an old guy I waited on in the 80’s with the most pitiful comb-over I had ever seen pre-The Donald. But I digress.

Trump first spewed a lie–okay we get that the right has gotten used to just lying without batting an eyelash, but still, a lie– that Obama won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote. Hey The Donald, Obama won the popular vote by about 3 million votes. When Bush won with a similar total (yet with infinitely less electoral votes), Karl Rove declared that he had a “mandate” by the people. I dunno, I’ll give Mr. Apprentice a pass on that one since he was probably getting his info from Fox News and we all know how reliable they are for “facts.”

But then he totally went off the sanity rail-road tracks of life when he proceeded to call for what amounts to an insurrection and a march on Washington. I guess he doesn’t like this little thing we call the Constitution which says the guy with the most electoral votes wins the election. Maybe he and his fellow moonbats can call for an amendment to said Constitution (that they supposedly adore but always want to amend), where no matter how many electoral votes the guy you despise garners, Republicans always get to invalidate the decision. You think that is a lame attempt at humor? You just watch. I’m dead serious. Remember, Trump has a past-its-prime television show to promote. Any publicity is good publicity as the saying goes.

Bill O’Reilly, although “fair and balanced” and certainly not a racist (uh, that’s a joke right-wingers), calmly noted on his show that America just wasn’t as white as it used to be and the “less white” people who voted for Obama only wanted “stuff.” That seemed to be the over arching theme from the right-wing blabbermouths who are using this “makers and takers” line ad nauseam post-election.

Yes, let’s come clean fellow libbies and you 47 percenters. We only want “stuff.” Yup, we want “stuff” like a coherent alternative energy plan instead of giving big oil huge tax subsidies when they are making billions in profits quarterly. We demand “stuff” like regulations on the Wall Street gamblers who f**ked up our economy and are poised to do it again unchecked.  We like “stuff” where corporate polluters who couldn’t care less if another kid develops asthma from bad air either cleans up their act or gets hit with some hefty damn fines. We love the “stuff” like a return to the tax code under President Bill Clinton when we had a healthy and robust economy AND a damn balanced budget that your boy Bush blew in a nano-second. We lefties dig “stuff” like the end of the catering to the Evangelicals and their minions who evidently want a president who when sworn-in does so with his hand on the Constitution and will swear an oath of allegience to the King James Bible.

Yup, we admit it. We are “stuff” likers.

Next on the crazy train we have Rush Limbaugh, who did his usual women bashing. Rushbo squealed that he blamed women for Obama’s victory who he says, “treats them like vagina’s and they say he’s my man.” Stay so very classy Mr. Limbaugh.

Then there is this reaction from Glenn Beck, who figured out years ago he can make millions through selling gold and fear to old ladies in the Mid-West. Mr. failed top forty DJ actually recommended to his listeners that if you live in the dreaded “east”, buying “farmland” near people who “are like-minded”, and buying more guns is a good way to go.

Seriously, the Confederacy lost. Will they ever get over it?

I have some final thoughts for the people who are gnashing their teeth, wringing their hands, completely “shocked” that President Obama actually won the election.Perhaps you might want to take a couple of steps out of your  fact-avoidance bubble and take a quick peek at the world around you.

Sorry angry, white, men who tellingly want their country “back.” Our country built on immigrants is getting a tad less white and a tad more diverse. Remember when we used to be so proud when describing our country to the rest of the world as the “melting pot” ? I used to hear that phrase a lot growing up, but for too many in our country today, that reality is like nails across a backboard.

The “youth vote” which you thought would stay at home and play Angry Birds on their IPHONES did not. They came out en mass and pulled the lever. The Latinos saw through your hateful, ignorant, rhetoric and legislative posturing and came out proudly and legally to cast their vote in dissapproval of your party’s ideas. The LGBT community could not afford to vote for you if they want any hope of equality. They are all Americans who want their voices heard. Get used to it. Boo-hoo.

Women, who make up more of the electorate than not, and vote like it’s going out of style, do not vote solely with their “vagina’s” like Limbaugh and Coulter shriek over the airwaves to their angry base. Guess what, women are concerned about a myriad of issues and care about the well-being of the entire country too. I will not pretend to speak for all women and why they tend to vote democratic, but to belittle all women who believe things that you don’t believe in is adolescent and condescending. It is no different than saying that all  Republican men are selfish and all Conservative women are self-loathing.

And dear goodness, can you spare me the crocodile tears for “small-business”? Small-businesses literally include the Trumps of the world. Corporations have made trillions of dollars over the course of Obama’s term and have been sitting on it like hoarders as they try to squeeze another salty drop of sweat from American workers. Obama signed over 16 bills that directly benefitted small business owners, but that is never talked about by the right. The bills that were filibustered by the R’s in Congress contained small business tax cuts. Where was the outrage then?

Hey, I’m sorry Mr. Millionaire if you might lose your tax break and you can’t go on four vacations to the tropics and only can only afford three now. Just realize that you guys are the ones who made out like bandits since the Bush tax breaks went into effect 11 years ago. I watched your incomes rise dramatically and middle class wages stay stagnant, and the income disparity in our country grow correspondingly. You had a hell of a ride for over a decade as the masses suffered. You want me to feel sorry for you? Cry me a river.

Golly, my heart bleeds for you hedge fund guys who might have to have your income taxed as “ordinary income” like the rest of us shlubs and not get a special dispensation for all the paper-pushing that you do.

And finally, since when did the Republicans become the whiners and sore losers they always claim the Democrats are about losing an election? Oooooohh, we’re gonna move to Australia or Canada or England now! Jumping Jehosaphat, call a whaaambulance, will ya?

But hey, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy the socialized medicine, strict gun laws, no death penalty, and high taxes and don’t let the door hit your bitter bum on the way out. Buh-bye.

And while we are at it, buh-bye to Mitt Rmoney.

Buh-bye to the teahadists in Congress.

Buh-bye to the 2012 election.

And a hearty buh-bye to that bitch named Sandy.

Good freaking riddance to all.

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