Tell Me Lies… Sweet, Little, Lies

“For 18 months, he’s been running on this tax plan. And now, 5 weeks before the election, his big bold plan is, ‘nevermind.'”- Mother Jones tweet after the first presidential debate

Really? Mitt Rmoney “won” the debate against the President? So let me get this straight. In a formal debate, when you lie about your record, lie about your own plan which has been in print and on video for the past year, and lie about what the President has done, YOU WIN!

Good to know.

Joe Izuzu would be proud.

It’s good to know that for much of America, facts don’t matter. It’s good to know that the right thinks that their “people” are a bunch of patsies. It’s good to know that America has officially become not only the land of the free, but the home of the gullible.

I watched the debate, an event for the history books as of this writing, and as I listened to each successive lie which emanated from Mr. Bain Capital’s lips I inched forward on the couch. I then began to do something that is usually reserved for the Mets. I began to yell at the television.

Wait! Rmoney just said he has no plan for cutting taxes for the richest in our country?!

He doesn’t realize that anyone who has half a brain and has paid any attention to the news at all knows that line is pure stanky-assed bullshit? He has called for an across-the-board, 20% tax cut, including repealing the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. His tax cut is shown to be impossible to do revenue neutrally without increasing the debt or taking away tax deductions from the middle class like the mortgage interest deduction. His tax plan has been exposed as reducing revenue to the tune of 5 trillion dollars over 10 years.

What?! Rmoney just said Obamacare has “cut” 716 billion dollars from Medicare to pay for it?!

If I hear this freaking lie one more time I’m seriously going to start flailing about like an ecstasy-fueled adolescent at a rave. No you lying-liar, the 716 billion dollars is money saved from overpayments to insurance companies, fraud detection, and best-practices employment. Not one dime is taken away from one beneficiary! As a matter of fact, Mr. barbell-pumping-baseball-cap-on-backwards-I’m-pretty-sure-I-could-take-him-in-an-arm-wrestling-match-Paul Ryan has taken these same exact cuts made possible by the Affordable Care Act but chosen to give money back to insurance companies. That includes the act of continuing to overpay insurance companies.

Huh?! Rmoney just said that some regulation is necessary and parts of Dodd-Frank should stay in force?!

This is fascinating! Rmoney has run around saying he will repeal Dodd-Frank if given the chance!

Hello?! Did Rmoney just say that certainly, “pre-existing conditions are covered ” under his health-care plan?!

Here is a great example of a lie of omission. What Rmoney does not tell you is that the only way his plan covers pre-existing conditions is if you have been continuously covered. If you are uninsured now you are not covered. That is the whole point of the law under Obamacare you dolt!

My goodness, I could go on for hours exposing every lie Rmoney told during the debate last week (27 lies in 38 minutes chronicled here). The debate where Rmoney was deemed a “winner.”

The debate where Rmoney’s obvious use of the “ Gish Gallop” technique for lying as quickly and overwhelmingly as possible so that your opponent literally doesn’t know where to start debunking your lies. That debate.

The debate that proved that there are a lot of low-information voters out there who will make their choice for president based on lies, a media that is loathe to come out and call out the lies until they have weighed in on style points, and a base that will promote the lies for them.

I’d actually feel better if you voted for a president because he or she has pretty eyes or a nice family than if you vote based on a gazillion lies they have fed you. At least your vote is based on something tangible. You know, I could live with that. “Nice ass. He’s got my vote.” Go for it.

What I can’t live with is a country that can tell you what Honey-Boo-Boo said last night or name all of Kim Kardashian’s husbands and yet not know what Mitt Rmoney has been proposing for 2 years.

What I can’t live with is people who claim they know what is going on but can’t tell you what a filibuster is and how it has been used like a sledgehammer to demolish policies and proposals set forth by this President.

What I can’t live with are people who hear something bad about the President and refuse to do any actual fact-checking before they spread the lie on Facebook or Twitter or at a barbeque.

I’m preparing for the next presidential debate on Tuesday. I plan on keeping all sharp objects out of reach. I will be sure to practice my deep-breathing exercises. I will watch the debate in the lotus position.


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1 Response to Tell Me Lies… Sweet, Little, Lies

  1. Sandra Doyle says:

    I would vote on you winning the arm wrestle….:)

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