Romney Revealed

Dear Mitt Romney,

I just watched your fundraising pitch which I’m sure you never dreamed would get out there, in front of people willing to fork over 50,000 dollars a plate for your campaign . Quite honestly, I realize it is probably the best glimpse we will get into who you are at your core than any robotic and pandering stump speech you will give, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I am grateful because this debacle just proves for the gazillionth time that you just don’t get it and you never will. You just don’t get the average American’s experiences. You really are the guy born on third who thinks he hit a triple. No, dammit! It’s more like you were born on home plate and think you hit it out of the park! Your grand idea of “sacrifice” is having to sell the stocks daddy gave you in order to pay for a semester at school. Oh and you had to live in an apartment with…get this… a cement floor! Cue the horror movie music. Traumatizing as that must have been, it isn’t exactly what most people would consider a hardship.

How would you like it if I said people like you and the other 53% would push aside an arthritic, wheelchair-bound grandmother to pick up a buck off the street? You see what I did there? I said that you and the 53% of America who would vote for you are self-centered dick-heads who care only about themselves. Would you be offended by that comment? I bet a lot of that 53% would take issue with it.

You see Mr. Romney, what you don’t understand is that most of the 47% of Americans you denigrate simply want a good job where they are paid a fair days wage for a fair days work. They want to pay their fair share of taxes in order to have schools, fireman, cops, clean water, clean air, safe food and safe roads. Most Americans understand that part of what makes us such a great country is due not only to our spirit, but our understanding that how we treat the least of these is mightily important. What you consider this “entitled” mentality, we consider insurance for old age or catastrophe. Remember, Social Security, Medicare, Disability, and Unemployment Insurance come out of our paychecks every week and aren’t some “free ride” according to how you see it. Oh, and I think there are more than a few Republicans who use all of those programs as well so you might want to rethink your angle there.

By the way, that 47% you hold with such disregard do pay taxes. Lots of them; and at a higher percentage of their incomes than you and your rich buddies do Mister.

Are the war veterans who seek assistance at the V.A. moochers? How about college students who take out loans to pay for an education, are they slackers? What about business owners who take advantage of low government loans, are they the “victim” class who expect handouts? Old people, children, or the the disabled on SSI, are they freeloaders?

You know Mr. Romney, not all of us were born with the proverbial silver spoon in our mouths like you and many of your ilk. I cannot identify with people who have never truly worried that they couldn’t make it to payday, but more importantly, don’t care about those of us who have. I cannot identify with people who can’t at least intellectually come to terms with the experiences of those who through happenstance or circumstance are not able to sail through their days without financial stress clinging to their sweat-soaked backs. You don’t have to be of modest means to understand their plight, just as we don’t have to be business owners to understand their particular grievances.

It has become apparent over time that you and your kind don’t want to pay any taxes, yet you disparage the working class who pays income taxes according to a progressive system. You and your kind run for office or pay lobbyists to make sure that your tax bill is non-existant and oh how you love those secret Swiss bank accounts and those Cayman Island tax shelters. You hate government help for the poor but love it when you are asking for bank bailouts to save your companies and your asses. You don’t feel like you are part of the “entitlement” class as you carry your interest every year to avoid paying your share of the tax burden. Patriotism for you is wearing a flag pin as you rattle the sabers and pounce on an American citizen’s gruesome death before his body is cold.

You don’t need those safety nets and never have, so why should you care about preserving them? You don’t gives a rat’s ass if corporations dump poisons into our air and waterways as long as your bottom lines stay well in the black. You and your buddy Paul Ryan, another one of those smirking pukes who tells us we should be pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps and stop relying on government “handouts” only after they are done using it for their own gain, have the nerve to tell us that we believe government has a responsibility to care for us? Really?

You are right about one thing though. I won’t vote for you, but not because I want some “free stuff” or sit waiting by my mailbox for a welfare check. No, that is not the reason why.

I won’t vote for you because I believe you are an empty suit whose only vision for America contains dollar signs.

I won’t vote for you because your party has gone so insanely far right and in your quest to become president you felt the need to pander to them, reversing yourself on anything and everything you’ve ever “believed” in or legislated for, in order to satisfy that wing-nut base.

I won’t vote for you because I do believe a President of the United States does have a responsibility to “heal the planet” and to “slow the rise of the oceans” which you so condescendingly spoke of at the RNC.

I won’t vote for you because I believe that a balanced approach to cutting our deficit that the Democrats want is rational whereas the no raising revenue ever, ever, ever way is preposterous and stilted ridiculously towards enriching the already enriched and throwing everyone else under the bus.

I won’t vote for you because that would be rewarding insidiously bad behavior. You see, your party in Congress has done anything and everything to stop this President from succeeding which hurt our entire country. Shame.

I won’t vote for you because while you claim to be this awesome businessman, who did it all on your own, I’ve come to learn that you don’t so much as “build” businesses as you do whatever it takes to “acquire” wealth. You use other people’s money to gamble with and to make yourself rich. Any losses? Just write them off. No worries. You don’t think twice about firing people or taking away their pensions if it means you and your stockholders can gain one extra dollar of profit. It has been proven that you encourage businesses to move overseas so that their expenses are lower, even if those companies are already profitable. After all, the bottom line is the bottom line. You begged the government for huge amounts of money to make “your” Olympics a success, while you screech about people having their hand out to government. You mock the President for his fiscal policies as it is revealed that you took handouts from the government to save your own ass. You built that? NOT WITHOUT HELP YOU LIAR.

I won’t vote for you because whatever you think of me and the other 47% doesn’t matter. What matters is that I have worked since I was 12 years old, paid my taxes, given to charity, and tried to live as good and decent a life as possible. I have sadly often fallen short of perfection many times for many reasons. I have done things I am not proud of in times of fear or hurting. However, it is because I know struggle and pain and circumstances that spiral out of control that I believe so strongly that as Americans, we need to have not only liberty, but empathy and compassion for all.

I won’t vote for you because I believe that we are on this earth for a greater purpose than to consume resources avariciously. I do believe that we are our brother’s keeper, and that the cruelties of life can knock us off of our feet sometimes. I believe that as the wealthiest country in the world, we have the ability and the duty to catch those before they fall into the abyss. Capitalism should not equal despotism.

I won’t vote for you because you and your party have become a safe haven for racist, frustrated white men who feel their power slipping away, and can’t bear it any longer.

I won’t vote for you because I do believe that insurance policies that we pay into over time are important to have, as we age or become ill or disabled unexpectedly, mostly because most of us don’t have trust funds or rich daddies to bail us out when bad times hit.

Finally, Mr. Romney, I won’t vote for you because we just witnessed on that secret tape the true Rmoney and the proof that at your core, you are rotten.

Release your taxes.

Obama/Biden 2012.

God Bless America


The 47%


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I am a teacher and I love my job.
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