No-Fear Lying

Liars and panderers in government would have a much harder time of it if so many people didn’t insist on their right to remain ignorant and blindly agreeable-Bill Maher

I will dispense with any attempt to sugar coat what I thought about the Republican National Convention and the two men at the top of the ticket. After all, why should I mince my words when it has become apparent that this traveling freak show has dispensed with the notion that truth has any connection to the words that pass over their fleshy, pink gums, past their well-formed lips, and into the ears of their snarling sycophants.

Mitt Rmoney, Paul Ryan, and the entire RNC are dirty liars.

There. I said it.

Not only are they dirty liars, but they are downright Orwellian. The Ministry of Truth has nuthin’ on these guys. The “Doublethink” going on in that party and their politics is mind-numbingly insane and excruciatingly obvious to any normal person in command of actual “facts”… and their senses.

What else can you call people who have been caught in 533 lies? Yup. Count ’em. Five-hundred and thirty-three deceptions. And that is one man mind you. One man. Yikes.

My God, they are so arrogant in their thought processes that Paul Ryan was just caught lying about his dang marathon timeHIS MARATHON TIME. There is apparently nothing off the table for Lyin’ Ryan. Sorry dude, I guess you didn’t realize that your running times are easily located by someone out there who might just want to see if what you said checked out since a sub-3 hour marathon time is pretty damn fine. Take it from someone who ran a half-marathon in 3 hours, those times get posted somewhere for all the world to see. But hey, my goal was to just finish before the last cone was removed from the course and the last participant had limped to their car for the drive home. I wasn’t planning on using my physical prowess (or the lack of it, as the 75 year-old woman who passed me at mile 12 highlighted) to propel me to the Whitehouse like Mr. P90X.

Dismiss this little “fib” if you wish, but just remember that people who reflexively and instinctively lie about the little things often do the same with the big ones. They are called pathological liars. In this case, I’ll call them the Republican presidential ticket.

But really, what am I thinking? Almost everything Rmoney and Lyin’ Ryan say can be fact checked and yet that doesn’t seem to matter. These guys have decided that truth be damned. Man the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!

In fact the spokesman for the Rmoney campaign is on record saying that “fact-checkers” would not dictate their campaign. Exactly.

If they cared about “facts” maybe Lyin’ Ryan wouldn’t have perpetuated the whopper referring to his hometown’s auto plant closing. Social-safety-net-user-to-pay-for-college Paul Ryan pretended to act  seemed all concerned about his “high school buddies” who toiled in the Janesville plant and lost their jobs, which Ryan keeps implicitely blaming on President Obama, when in actuality, it had been determined that the plant would close while Bush was president. The last car rolled off the line well before the President took office. But please Paul Ryan, don’t let reality get in the way of a really touching and damning story. One suggestion though. You might want to check with your boss about if he even gave a rat’s ass about that plant closing. He said something about letting them all pound salt during the crisis. Just a thought.

I should have known that the convention would be a ruthless, lie-fest after watching what took place immediately after Lyin’ Ryan was named as the vice-presidential candidate.

For example, I watched gym-rat Ryan’s opening remarks to a crowd of Florida Republican-leaning seniors in some retirement mecca called The Villages. I listened to him take all of three and a half minutes to utter a complete and total freaking lie. He looked out over those blue-hairs after introducing his mommy to them, and said that President Obama “raided” Medicare to the tune of 716 billion dollars to pay for Obamacare. Hey folks, THAT IS A LIE. If you don’t yet understand why this is such a huge crock of shit, read this.

On a side note, I think he said the word “mom” somewhere around 86 times in a two- minute stretch. Isn’t it just precious watching a forty-something year-old man hide behind mommy’s apron strings? Here’s my mom. Mommy. My mom. See my mom? I love my mommy. I would never hurt my mommy. Not kidding– 86 times. Count them for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: Okay, I lied. I didn’t count them. I have no idea how many times he said “mom.” Easy right? See how this works?

But really Paul Ryan, a son should never lie to his mother…or a bunch of nice, elderly folks who might not be as savvy as some of us who don’t watch one channel or listen to one radio station and have time and the inclination to read and research…especially when you are on national t.v.

Rmoney and Ryan. What a pair. Under no stretch of anyone’s imagination (including the entire staffs of DREAMWORKS and APPLE) are the narratives they are peddling at all true. “True” as in authentic. “True” as in accurate. “True” as in kosher.

As a matter of fact, I will go so far as to throw in antonyms to the word truth to describe what those two are doing including devious, deceitful, shady, and my personal favorite…bullshit.

Let’s start with the dog-whistle that gets all the good little conservatives saliva dribbling straight down the sides of their mouths…welfare. Oh yes, this is the mama-jamma dog-whistle of all mamma-jamma dog-whistles in right-wing world. Welfare evokes every conceivable negative stereotype for them. Of course, the fact that not everyone who has been on welfare is a minority who is shiftless, lazy and a criminal escapes them. It’s much easier to be a hater and stereotype than it is to look at factual information.

Rmoney decided he would just lie about the Obama administration’s directives to the states about changes in welfare to work. Rmoney has been spreading the lie that President Obama has just ended the work requirements for welfare. How do I say this as genteelly as possible without offending anyone? Eh, you know what, screw it. I already said I’m not going to sugar coat it.

Rmoney is a freaking liar and anyone who believes this after delving into the facts is a freaking idiot.

Whew. That actually felt pretty good.

In case you are reading this and would like to be informed instead of lied to, here are the facts from The National Journal:

The welfare kerfuffle began in mid-July, as soon as the administration sent a memo informing states that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was willing to waive federal work requirements for state welfare programs if they come up with their own plans to “test alternative and innovative strategies, policies, and procedures that are designed to improve employment outcomes.”

In other words, if states think they have a better way of getting welfare recipients to work than the federal rules — which can get as tedious as only counting a job search as “work” for four consecutive weeks — they can present that plan to Sebelius for approval…

As a matter of fact, the administration is being highly responsive to Republican governors such as Utah’s, who have asked for more flexibility to get people to work…

Utah Republica Gary Herbert was one governor who wrote the Obama administration in 2011 requesting greater flexibility in the welfare program. He was writing in response to an Obama executive order that directed agencies to eliminate redundant regulations.

So let’s be real here, when Rmoney runs around the country and has access to air time thrown at him from FAUX NOISE (not to mention back-up from the “fair-and-balanced” crew ), and says that, “Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work, and you wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you a welfare check…” , that is a lie. A damn lie.

Rmoney thinks we are all dum-dums or senile, crotchety blue hairs who will fall for anything that drips from his smirking lips. Either that or he has once again, (yawn), flip-flopped on his own recent exhortations, like in 2005 when he, along with other governors, sent a letter to Senator Frist asking for “increased waiver authority” to make welfare to work a better program.

These Republicans are now just poop-flingers. Grab a handful, mush it up real good, wind up, lean back and just wing-it. See what sticks and go from there. Don’t look back. Avoid the press entirely or get softballs lobbed at you from GOP t.v. Stay the course man. Black is white and white is black. Doublespeak rules the day.

Oh you silly liberal twit, some of you may utter, all politicians lie. Since the first hand was shaken and the first baby swaddled in some smarmy politico’s arms, there has been truth-bending going on. Okay, I get that. But this duo is very different. This odd couple of Rmoney and Lyin’ Ryan and their entire party has literally demolished the pretense of wanting to at least ignore what behooves them in order to avoid looking bad. The lies of ommision are usually the way to go in order to avoid looking bad on a particular issue. But the 2012 Republican campaign takes brazen to a whole new level. These guys now take their records or their platforms and then just freaking lie about them! They tell us the opposite of what they stand for or what they want or what they really did and tell it to us with a straight face, knowing full well most of us can read and find out the truth. They just lie about President Obama’s record or words. They built a convention theme around words taken out of context. Damn that takes a pair. But it takes much more. It takes willing dupes of massive proportions to pull it off.

Okay, all you willing dupes, raise those hands. Stand up and be heard. Ignore truth. Embrace lies. The Ministry of Truth needs your help. Black is white and white is black. Doublespeak only exists and thrives through your voluntary compliance.

If there is an afterlife, even George Orwell must be shaking his head.

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