Free to Be V.I.P.

 I have been taking a little summer break from writing this hideous blog and while doing so, accidentally stumbled upon the vast Twitterverse and all of its joys. I fully and freely admit that I am no trailblazer in any sense of that word. I usually come late to any new, fun, invention and then find myself so enamored of it that I will declare from the rooftops if anyone noticed how freaking cool said gadget is, usually years after everyone else has been (ho-hum) using it. For instance, I purchased an IPHONE recently and now I cannot fathom how anyone ever got along without one. Of course, that little gizmo has been out for about 4 cycles now, but once again, I feel like I am on the cutting edge of innovation. I have been wanting an IPAD and don’t have one yet, but you can be sure the minute I do make the leap, I will think I’ve just discovered gravity .

My whole Twitter enlightenment ties into a recent news story that was useful for both pure entertainment value and yet crystallized the election of 2012 in three little words… We are V.I.P.

Just days after stumbling around, trying to learn how this whole Twitter thing worked, I finally figured out what the dang hashtag meant. A hashtag (#) next to a word or words strung together allowed that tweet to be placed on a page where all of the same hashtags could be accessed.

It was then that I started to see a bunch of hashtags on my Twitter feed that looked like this… #WeareVIP, and #VIP.

When I clicked on the hashtags I was taken to a page where I was then able to piece together the significance of the We are VIP meme. Once I read about who articulated those three little words, and where they were spoken, it all made perfect sense. Admittedly, I had some great laughs thanks to the comedic genius of a lot of people who tweeted #WeareVIP that day and my love for Twitter grew exponentially as the tweets rolled in.

In case you missed this little nugget of a story while you were busy hiking the Appalachian Trail or driving cross-country with the kids and the dog packed into the car making the annual summer trek to visit Aunt Martha, I will bring you up to speed (notice the dog is IN the car–NOT strapped to the roof–sorry but I’ll never get over that one.)

Mitt Romney had a fundraiser in the Hamptons at the home of Ron Perelman of Revlon fame. Perelman has a home with 40 rooms. Wow. That’s a lot of rooms. Maybe that’s where he stores all of his lip-liners before delivery.

Anyway, in addition to Perelman’s bash which only set them back $25,000 , Romney’s friends gladly forked over $50,000 for the Koch suckers brothers soire just south of Perelman’s. For that chump change, they got to hear some bullshit really sincere words from his Bain-ness. Mitty, well-known for his deep concern for the poor (yes, that is sarcasm my friends), had this to say to some of the blinged-out gathered on his behalf:

“If you are here, by and large, you are doing just fine,” he said, his voice audible to a reporter standing on a public street not far away. “I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about those here. I spend a lot of time worrying about those that are poor and those in the middle class that are finding it hard to make a bright future for themselves.”

The assemblage of beautiful people must have found it very difficult to not laugh their asses off in full view and earshot of the press after that jive opening. He doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about us! Good one Mitty! Really, how all of those rich douchebags people held it together after that drivel is a testament to their success I guess. No wonder you all drive cars that cost more than my first mortgage. Well played.

However, the best part of the whole day was when the high mucky-mucks paying big bucks to hear Thurston Howell III Mitt Romney drone were interviewed by the media before the event. The New York Times and the L.A. Times both covered the festivities and I actually thought I was reading satire pieces from the Onion for a minute. As the throng waited in a long line of cars, they talked to reporters, and boy, the things they said…oh the things they said.

There was the owner of a hotel in Sag harbor who parrotted the typical anti-Obama line about him being a “socialist” as his wife nodded in agreement in their gold Mercedes. But the real gold was what the hotel owner’s wife prodded him to reveal to the reporter next: From the New York Times:

Ms. Simmons paused to highlight what she said was her husband’s generous spirit. “Tell them who’s on your yacht this weekend! Tell him!”

Over Mr. Conklin’s objections, Ms. Simmons disclosed that a major executive from Miramax was on Mr. Conklin’s 75-foot yacht, because, she said, there were no rooms left at the hotel

Oh my God! Why isn’t this man being nominated for the humanitarian of the year people?!

But the highlight of the entire day was not the spectacle of the gaudy, sprawling, estates of the Koch’s and the Perleman’s, or the sight of Rolls Royces and Bentleys as far as the eye could see. It wasn’t the woman who patiently explained that the “common people” like the “nails ladies” and “the baby-sitters” and her “college kid” weren’t “getting it” if they wanted to vote for Obama. It wasn’t even the protesters who drove around with plastic dogs strapped to the roof of their cars or the plane circling above stating, “Romney has a Koch problem.” Nope, not even close. For my money, the most enlightening part of the day was the utterance of one question by one woman waiting to pay upwards of $50 grand to hear the Republican candidate speak. From the New York Times:

A woman in a blue chiffon dress poked her head out of a black Range Rover here on Sunday afternoon and yelled to an aide to Mitt Romney. “Is there a V.I.P. entrance? We are V.I.P.”

We are V.I.P.

so get the hell outta my way and get me a seat at the front of the line.

We are V.I.P.

so I expect to be treated better than the common people.

We are V.I.P.

so suck it.

Am I being too tough on Mitt and those mucky-mucks assembled in the Hamptons? Oh Blithering, you might say, why do you hate rich people so much? Hey B. Idiot, if it wasn’t for those “job creators,” where would we be? You should be getting down on your hands and knees and kissing the feet of the one percenters instead of bashing them. You are just jealous.

For starters, I don’t hate rich people in the least. I know a handful. For the most part, the ones I personally know are hard-working, wonderful, caring people who deserve all that they have. As I have gotten older, the desire to accumulate “stuff” and expensive “things” has dissipated rapidly. I don’t envy those who have huge homes or fancy cars. My needs are small and revolve around family, health, my job, and personal relationships. Well, not that they all wouldn’t be enhanced by rolling in the dough, I’m sure, but I don’t need it to be completely happy and fulfilled. Honest to God. Born naked, gonna die naked; clothed somewhere in between. S’all good.

However, there is something that I truly do have against the assemblage of the rich and the famous in the Hamptons, and specifically Willard Mitt Romney. It has less to do with money and more about an “entitlement” worldview.

Entitlement? Heyyyy, that’s what the right says is what is wrong with the left. The Democrats are the party of entitlements! The left-wingers are all lazy, entitlement scumbags who don’t want to work and want to take from the rich! According to Mitt after he hightailed it out of the NAACP fiasco the other day, if you want “free stuff” vote for the other guy.

Besides being patently racist and obnoxious, that statement about “free stuff” is telling. The narrative of the right-wing is that people who vote for the Democrats do so because they get a lot of goodies. Food stamps, unemployment insurance, and now they want “free” healthcare? By the way, let’s get this straight. Are we demanding “free healthcare” or are we being “taxed” for it? Which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Anyway, what a bunch of lazy bastards, livin’ all high on the hog with food stamps and free healthcare and collecting unemployment checks while I bust my ass at work everyday!

However, one little woman in a chiffon dress sitting in a black Range Rover unknowingly exposed the dirty little secret of the Republican Party in three little words. She laid bare the Republicans for all the world to see. She unknowingly coined the phrase that should be the motto of the Republican party. “We are V.I.P.”

You see, it is they who are the V.I.P.’s who expect “free stuff.” It is they who feel “entitled” to set the rules that we should play by. It is they who have the money to buy the lobbyists who convince the politicians to gut regulations on the banks and coerce into continuing the subsidies for the billionaire oil boys and lie about climate change being a hoax. It is they who buy the politicians who will craft the tax codes. That is why people who make their money sitting on their derrieres, like Mitt Romney, can watch their money do all their work for them get taxed at a 15% rate instead of the “common” folk who actually work for a living who are taxed at much higher rates.

It is why Mitt Romney can declare his “dressage horse” as a $77,000 tax write off.

Free stuff anyone?


The damned truth of the matter is that it is the V.I.P.’s who expect preferential treatment and get it.

The damned truth is that the income disparity between the top one or two percent and the rest of us is at unsustainable and dangerous levels due to the trickle-down economics (cut the taxes for the job creators!) espoused and practiced by the V.I.P.’s and their surrogates in the Whitehouse and Congress.

The damned truth is that the V.I.P.’s rig the game, and then cry “class warfare!” when the people finally wake up, throw open the window and scream, “WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

The damned truth is that what Mitt and Ann Romney said in an interview to Diane Sawyer in April shined a huge light on the entitlement mentality of the rich, and specifically Romney. They were asked what they would say to President and Mrs. Obama if given the chance.

Mitt, dripping with arrogance and conducting the interview with not one hair out of place, declared he would tell the occupants of the Whitehouse to “start packing.” Mittens, ever the jokester, punctuated his remark with his typical fake, forced, rich man chuckle, “Ahaha-Uh-hahuh.” I really expected him to turn to Ann and query, “right lovey?” Ahaha-Uh-hahuh.

Ann Romney, however, spoke to the heart of the matter:

“I’ve never met Barak Obama, but I–I believe it’s –Mitt’s time. I believe it’s our turn now.”

Right Ann. It’s Mitt’s turn. After all, he’s entitled to the presidency. He’s entitled to be president because his daddy was loaded and was a politician. He’s entitled to be president because he has gazillions of dollars and connections. He’s entitled to be President because, dammit, it’s his turn.

He’s entitled to be president because he is V.I.P.

Don’t you “nails ladies” and “common people” get it? Geeze.

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