So This Presidential Candidate Walks Into a Wawa…

55/103: Adventure time

55/103: Adventure time (Photo credit: Alex Bellink)

Can you say, “I’ll take a ham and cheese shorti– hold the onions”?

If you are one of the 99 percenters– heck– I’ll even go so far as to raise that up to one of the 99.9 percenters, chances are pretty darn good that at one moment in your life, you have walked into a Wawa ,  7-11, Circle K, Sheetz, Quick-Check or a Piggly-Wiggly.

Maybe you really needed a pack of gum or perhaps a nice, fresh, hot cup of coffee on a workday morning. Maybe you have picked up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread because the wife called and said you were out.

Yes, chances are that most Americans in every corner of the country, from northernmost cities like Seattle, Washington to the southern tip of sunny Florida in places like Miami, have stopped at one of these truly American businesses.

Well, I did say 99.9 percent of Americans have utilized convenience stores, which means evidently there must be a smattering of  folks out there who have never had the privilege I suppose, at least in the last few years, judging by the looks of how Mitt-bot reacted to the seemingly ordinary event at Wawa.

Evidently, one Willard Mitt Romney has just stumbled upon a little slice o’ heaven at a Pennsylvania Wawa. Mr. Stiff took a moment on his campaign tour to hobnob with the little people who apparently walk into convenience stores. It was there and then that his worldview was turned upside down!

Mitt-I’m-not-the-one-out-of-touch-Romney was taught to press a few buttons on a touchscreen and voila’! out popped a hoagie (called a sub if you are from north Jersey), made by some minimum wage shlub worker. According to Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate running for the presidency of the most powerful country in the world, it was “amazing!”

Yes Mittens, we really do live in a technically advanced country. We also have these really cool movable boxes we can use when we go to the bank and are too lazy to go inside. We put our stagnant wages since the Reagan era paychecks into the box and press a button and just like that, a  worker human inside the building records the transaction. Sometimes, if we have made a mistake or a worker human needs clarification on something, the worker human talks into a magic box and asks us to correct it. The worker human (called a bank teller), will usually then wish us a good day (if they have been well-bred) and sometimes asks if there is anything else they can do to service us, the human customer of the bank. It’s amazing!

Can you say, out of touch? I mean, seriously, seriously out of touch with anything remotely resembling what average people deal with in their everyday lives.

Mitt makes Louis the XVI seem down-to-earth, and attuned to the masses.


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