You Could Look it Up

“You could look it up”

-Casey Stengel

I start off today’s hideous blog entry with a quote from one of my favorites, Casey Stengel. I am a huge baseball fan, and Stengel was one of the great characters of the game. His “Stengelese” was legendary. Stengelese was coined to describe his notorious double-talk and unique baseball vocabulary. He once described a player on the Mets as, “a great hitter until I play him.” He also famously said, “good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice-versa.” Another Stengel quote that is often inadvertently attributed to another one of my favorites, Yogi Berra, is the one I began my blog entry with, “You could look it up.” This quote, while simplistic in its message, speaks volumes when it comes to today’s politics and today’s lack of voter information which I will briefly lay out here.

Truthfully, I hadn’t planned to write this week as I’m fairly overwhelmed with work stuff and family things and figured I’ll have a lot more time going forward to really devote time and energy to this silly public blog once summer is upon us.

However, I felt compelled to sit down this morning as I had an exchange with someone recently and that conversation made something snap inside that part of my brain that controls the lefty/progressive trying to get it right political portion and the tired of hypocritical and inaccurate political bullshit part–whatever that is. I am no brain surgeon so I have no clue what the proper medical name of that particular part is. I just know it causes me to lose sleep some nights as I toss and turn and worry about the future for my kid.

This person had no idea that what they were saying about President Obama’s record was a total lie. I know that they had no idea of the platform that the candidate they endorsed (flippy-floopy Mitt) was running on. I know they garnered their political information pretty much strictly from right-wing radio and television and journalists. Ergo, the idea for today’s squealing comes from that unfortunate exchange.

I go to great pains when I write to supply (hopefully) relevant links to back up what I’m saying. That is very time-consuming. I feel it is very important because I could just spout off stuff about the Conservatives or the Tea Party “Patriots” or the two remaining normal moderate Republicans left in the U.S.A. without any facts or figures to prove that what I’m saying is true…and that wouldn’t be right…right?

The genesis of being able to form an opinion and then make a good argument for your cause or belief is, at the very least, to have good information to support your thesis. I make decisions based as much as humanly possible on facts, figures, information from experts, and often results of past experiences and how they turned out.

Am I biased at times? Sure. However, I have not yet been able to take basic facts and figures and either ignore them or accept lies formed from them. I have changed my beliefs at times when I’ve studied the issues.

I’ve also supported our Presidents, who I may not have liked or agreed with politically, at crucial times in our history. I was proud of George Bush when he stood on the rubble at Ground Zero and declared that those who caused the deaths of over 3,000 people would soon hear us loud and clear. Damn right George…and they would.

Going back to 1986, I agreed with Reagan on his amnesty program for illegal immigrants for many reasons, which makes the right-wing hissy-fit over President Obama’s recent order so damn amusing and infuriating at the same time. His directive is to allow children, who had no choice in the matter of coming here and know only this country as home, to not be deported ( only a two-year ban, btw) if they have not committed crimes and graduated school or served in the military. Their “hero” Reagan was the one soft on illegals by their standards! Ha! And if you care to look at the facts of the matter, the Obama administration has had a record number of deportations of illegal immigrants over the last 3 1/2 years! Boo-yah!

 I sometimes marvel at the absurdity of the inner workings of the conservative brain that cannot ever hold two divergent thoughts in their heads and come up with an answer that doesn’t square with their beliefs. Case in point, as related to my previous paragraph, the killing of Osama Bin Laden. While you couldn’t find too many Americans who did not want him to meet his maker, preferably at the hands of one of our military heroes, once he was shot in the eye by said Navy Seal heroes, the right was dazed and confused.

Noooooo. Of course we wanted him dead, said the right, but not at the hands of–gulp-Obama! Now we must figure out how to diss him and and give all the credit to a Republican. Now that’s some damn cognitive dissonance in action.

And that’s what they do.

Finally, after watching and listening and reading the prodigious amount of what can only be described as right-wing dreck o’er these last few months– especially as we hit the silly season of presidential electoral politics–I can take it no longer.

Therefore, I have decided that links be damned. I am going to express my blithering idiot self without putting forth the effort of supplying the actual facts and figures and numbers and results, blah-blah-blah.

You want to know why?

I’ll tell you why.

I can do this because that is what the right-wing, conservative, Tea Party-Patriots do every single day. These people have no moral compunction as they lie and twist numbers and contort the facts to suit their agendas.

And do you know why they can get away with this? It is because, as I have grown weary and disgusted by the realization day after day, too many of their followers are immune to facts and figures and numbers and past actions that produce verifiable and quantifiable results. They cannot hold two divergent thoughts in their heads and square the circle. It’s excruciating to watch.

It is also because too many of their choir and too many average Joes and Janes who are just trying to pull in enough scratch to pay the rent and get dinner on the table don’t invest any time or effort into looking at the process of how we got to where we got to over the last four years.

Part of the problem is that everywhere I go, whether it’s my gym or the doctor’s office or anywhere in public that a tv is on, FOX News is on and running a continuous loop of misinformation absorbed by hearts and minds that don’t realize that they are being fed Republican operative Roger Ailes version of “the truth.”

The truth? In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” The right doesn’t care about the truth. What the right cares about is scaring and fear-mongering and appealing to the basest underbelly of ourselves.

I have an admitted obsession with that entity because the intersection of truth and lies is crossed there daily, where the truth stops obediently for the red light and the lies just keep on going.

Now here’s the part where I would have actually supplied a link that proved that previous assertion about FOX. There are gazillions of websites that monitor FOX News daily and as one of their sayings go, “We watch Fox News so you don’t have to.”

I would have provided the actual, verifiable words and videos that proved how FOX lies and perverts the truth and skews facts to suit their “hidden” agenda. But I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that because the other side doesn’t do that. The other side doesn’t care about truth or facts or figures. The other side distorts them. The other side ignores them.

Henceforth, you can look it up yourself if you don’t believe what I’ve written or you can ignore me which is another tactic of the right. Ignore truth. Embrace lies.

I am going to list a few of the talking points of the right and I’m going to refute them with facts one by one…and I’m not going to supply anything to back up what I said because that is what the righties do. However, I will tell you that you have the ability to prove or disprove my assertions through careful and thoughtful research. Look it up. By all means, go for it.

Here we go:

President Obama was not born in America and his birth certificate is fabricated in a stunning exercise of forethought by his mom and dad who placed false birth announcements in a newspaper in Hawaii.


 I won’t dignify the birther abomination any further. Go fly to Hawaii and talk to the proper authorities there if you don’t believe me. Next.

President Obama is a socialist.


 Go look up what socialism means. Then go look up what President Obama has done to continue policies of the previous Republican administration. If Obama is a socialist, then you must conclude that Bush II was one as well. Next.

President Obama has, according to Mitt Romney and the right-wing spin machine, piled on more debt than all the presidents combined.


Here is where I lose it when I hear uninformed and misinformed potential voters parroting what they heard from the 3 stooges on Fox and Friends or from that ninny Eric Bolling using donuts, yes donuts, on his show to totally prove that he doesn’t understand how the deficits came to be and why, or from whatever hot air comes out of Sean Hannity’s orifices (yes, both his mouth and his ass where he pulls out most of his (mis)information.

 No people. Barack Obama has increased the debt roughly 1.5 times as much as other presidents and he has increased it more slowly than any president post WW II. Square that with the fact that Bush II DOUBLED the national debt and the conservative American Idol Ronnie Reagan TRIPLED it. Add to the debt numbers the fact that Obama put the wars on the books when he came to office because he thought that was actually the proper way to account for billions of dollars spent by the American people which Shrub never felt was all that important. Huh? I thought “businessmen” like Bush were the panacea to fiscal sanity? Sorry to burst your little bubbles, but there are 4 specific reasons why the debt is where it is at right now, none of which I ever hear on the Rush Limbaugh afternoon, hate-fest, extravaganza.

1. The fact, as previously mentioned, that President Obama did put the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the books.

2. The Bush II tax cuts that reduced and will continue to reduce revenues for the government by the billions.

3. Medicare Part D costs.

4. The contraction of the economy due to the great recession and mostly caused by the Bush reign of horror.


President Obama hates capitalists and especially hates business.


If that was even close to being true, why would the President have signed the bill for tax cuts, credits, and exemptions for small businesses back in 2010? I bet you righties didn’t know that because Bill O’Reilly didn’t clue you in to that little fact. Yup. Obama proposed many of the provisions of the Small Business Jobs Act which he signed into law. It included:

Tax cuts for small businesses

An increase in lending for small businesses, including a special new program to facilitate lending to small businesses

Tax deductions effective immediately for health insurance costs for small businesses

Increases in deductions for entrepreneurial start-up expenses

Zero taxes on capital gains from small business expenses

President Obama also has asked for many more extensions of that bill going forward. He has signed onto 18 tax cuts for small businesses. Many of his proposals would have spurred immediate hiring…if the right was actually more interested in helping people instead of stalling economic growth.

Does that square with the daily mantra that Obama hates small businesses?

My friends, I could spend many more hours debunking all the clap-trap from the other side but really, what good would it do? They will continue to be spoon-fed from the right-wing spin-machine. They will never address the facts and they care nothing about what may be good for the country if it means agreeing with anything…anything… this President does. You know deep down if Obama came up with a cure for cancer, the Republicans would say he wants to take jobs away from doctors. Seriously. It’s how they roll.

I leave you with this from Albert Einstein:

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”

You could look it up.





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