Mission Accomplished


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In the first 50 years of the filibuster, it was used only 35 times. But the last Congress alone had 112 cloture motions filed, plus threats of more. This is the tyranny of the minority.
-Peter Fenn

Cheers to you Tea Party racists patriots and you crafty Republicant’s! Your very publicly stated one and only goal for governing for the last 3 and-a-half years where you vehemently and defiantly oppose any and all legislation proposed by our President has had the desired effect of stunting economic growth for our country! Here’s to you! Whoot-whoot! Clink the champagne glasses! Break out the party favors! In the immortal words of George W. Bush, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

So how many Johnny Walker Blacks do you think ole’ Boehner hoisted to his dour, wrinkled lips celebrating the disappointing jobs numbers this week?

What is that you say? He didn’t shed his usual crocodile tears over them?

Come again? Leatherface seemed angry? Really? Well then, let’s just read what his orangeness had to say after the numbers were released:

“Maybe the president ought to get out of the badminton game and get into the rugby game that’s right in front of him,” Boehner said…“Instead of another campaign speech, the president might want to engage with Democrats and Republicans here on Capitolll to handle the big policies that are effecting our economy,” Boehner said.

Wow. He seems really serious and very upset with the Prez. Golly gee willikers. Boehner says the President isn’t “engaging” with the Congress. Ah, that’s rich. It’s also an interesting response because a lot of us actually have been paying very close attention for the last 3 and-a-half-years. A lot of us who have been paying attention might just see through his phony, righteous indignation with the job numbers in May. Accordingly, I have just one response to the tan-mom’s kindred spirit Boehner and that Tea Party pompous ass Eric Cantor and Etch-a-sketch Romney and the rest of the disingenuous, imbecilic, flap jaws who had the nerve to act all incensed over the job numbers for May.


I feel like a broken record but seriously, are there any functioning brain-cells out there that haven’t realized that the party of Lincoln has turned into the party of obstruction with a capital “screw you black president”?

The use of the filibuster, which about 87 people in the country understand outside of the beltway, has been the single most irresponsibly used, destructive and frankly, disgraceful weapon that the Republicant’s have used to complete their “goal” of making Obama a one-term president.

The inhabitants of the halls of Congress from the right colluded to employ their duplicitous strategy of just say no after meeting, literally, on inauguration day, as the words, “so help me God” were barely out of the mouth of our first African-American President, Barack Obama. Oops, I always forget to insert, “Hussein” into the President’s name for those Tea Party racists patriots who believe he is really a Muslim, radical Christian , Kenyan, dog-eating, socialist, communist, racist, {insert any additional irrational, racist, and ignorant epithets applicable here}. I know, I know, how can he be both a Muslim and a Christian…but hey, that just adds to their charm.

Where was everyone and their outrage (besides John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and a bunch of similarly concerned pundits and public personalities) when all of these filibusters were taking place as this President was attempting to put your brother-in-law and somebody’s aunt back to work through a much needed jobs and infrastructure program? Because in case you haven’t noticed, America’s roads and bridges and schools are crumbling. On my drive to work the last two years I see roads that desperately need upgrades. There are a few stretches of road where the potholes and continuous patching have left drivers no other choice than to literally veer off the road and drive on the shoulder for a bit to avoid not only the extreme jarring, but probably a flat tire or a busted tie-rod.

Were you awake when numerous Republican’t governors were rejecting federal funds to build high-speed rail which would have not only put thousands of citizens to work, but been a boon to sustainable economic development and a win for the environment?

Were you awake when the Republicant’s and Tea Party racists patriots, who scream “less government!” out of one side of their mouth and “hands off my social security!” from the other, were getting their vote out?

Were you awake when Glenn never-met-a-conspiracy-I-didn’t-like Beck and Sarah dumber-than-a-box-of-hammers-and-more-shrill-than-a-firewhistle-at-noon Palin whipped them up into a frenzy nightly on GOP t.v with their phoney diatribes against Obama and their syrupy-sweet homages to America, the Founding Fathers and apple-pie?

Were you awake during every FAUX NEWS segment where fear-mongering and birtherism held center stage and President Obama was characterized nightly as “the other” and not really “American”?

Because while some of you were sleeping, the Republican’t /Tea Party racists patriots two-headed monster was doing nothing but saying NO to any ideas to move the country toward recovery, with no ideas of their own put forth except for “let’s make corporate taxes zero and let there be no regulations.” Because keeping Americans healthy and making business accountable and paying their fair share when they use everything that OUR taxes pay for that help make them rich is somehow sketchy and un-American.

While some of you were sleeping, the Republicant’s and the Tea Party racists patriots were attempting to set women’s rights back to the Flintstone’s era,  gut student aid, destroy programs for the poor and middle class, and bust unions...everything and anything but actually creating jobs.

While some of you were sleeping the Tea Party was getting off on getting their hate on.

While some of you were sleeping the right was following their obstructionist game plan to perfection.

Obstruct, lie, filibuster, obstruct some more, lie some more, filibuster some more…and then claim that this President is ruining the country with his blackness “radical” agenda.

Yeah, wanting this country to get back to work after 8 years of disasterous right-wing policies that led to a near-depression is really rad.

Sure, understanding that austerity during a time of severe economic contraction is a recipe for more severe economic contraction is really out-there. Uh-huh, just ask Europe who has now realized too late that austerity is the wrong prescription for recovery.

If you don’t think that the Republicant’s don’t have filthy, dirty hands in this economic malaise and inability to produce better jobs numbers, then just listen to some Republicans explain to you that, oh yes we do whether we want to admit it or not. Republican pundit David Brooks for example, admonished his own party here back in 2009, at the height of the faltering economy:

The House minority leader, John Boehner, has called for a federal spending freeze for the rest of the year. In other words, after a decade of profligacy, the Republicans have decided to demand a rigid fiscal straitjacket at the one moment in the past 70 years when it is completely inappropriate.

The GOP leaders have adopted a posture that allows the Democrats to make all the proposals while all the Republicans can say is ‘no.’ They’ve apparently decided that it’s easier to repeat the familiar talking points than actually think through a response to the extraordinary crisis at hand.

That’s a Republican talking there, folks, not some un-American pinko-lib, okay?

The total irresponsibility while playing politics during a time of near-panic and at the least, fearful uncertainty over our collective futures by the Republicant’s was despicable.

Now, back to that pesky filibuster. There is this false equivilency perception by people who don’t pay close attention to how and why bills get passed or blocked, that it is BOTH parties fault for getting nothing done. That is complete and total bullspit.

The filibuster has been used by the Republicant’s and the Tea Party racists patriots more than at any time in our entire history. It means that in order to get anything passed through the Senate today, there must be 60 votes, not a simple majority-51 votes- in order to pass. That is because the right abuses the filibuster. The filibuster has meant that the minority of senators has control of the majority of senators. A minority of senators representing a minority of Americans now lords over a majority of senators and a majority of Americans. The majority that was elected by the American people to get stuff done.

Just feast your eyes on the story of obstruction in the 110th Congress alone. Here is just a taste of what we COULD have had if the REPUBLICANT’S hadn’t decided to put their selfish interests ahead of the country:

  • About $18 billion in tax credits would have been provided to improve energy efficiency and produce renewable energy, paid for by the repeal of tax subsidies going to oil companies at a time they are earning record profits.
  • A “cap-and-trade” process would be in place that would begin to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and would raise billions of dollars that could have helped defray the rising cost of gas for working people, while aiding in the development and deployment of green energy alternatives.
  • Tax incentives would be in place for alternative energy sources, fuel economystandards would be increased (this was actually accomplished by Obama later on)
  • Petroleum price gouging would be a federal crime in a “national energy emergency” and taxes would be imposed on the oil and gas industry at a time when they are earning record profits.
  • Homeowners facing foreclosure and state and local governments burdened with foreclosed properties would (have) received relief

The jobs bill that President Obama pushed hard for in 2011 because he knew that the first stimulus had some palpable and extremely positive effects, but was clearly not enough to maintain a forward-moving economy, was rejected by the Tea Party racists and the Republicant’s. They made damn sure that putting literally millions of people to work repairing crucial infrastructure would never happen. Screw you America. Can’t tax the almighty “job creators” or they won’t play nice and create jobs for us serfs workers, they would say. Oh yeah?



Our President wanted the jobs bill passed precisely because he knew unless it was we would suffer from weaker job growth:

“But if we don’t act, the opposite will be true,” Obama said. “There will be fewer jobs and weaker growth. So any senator out there who’s thinking about voting against this jobs bill needs to explain why they would oppose something that we know would improve our economic situation.”

Silly rabbit President Obama. He laughably thought that the people we elect to serve in Congress are supposed to do what’s good for the country and not govern to serve their own selfish interests.

Guess what though? Obama was prophetically right and the Republicans were miserably wrong.

It is a testament to the President that the economy has steadily maintained positive job growth throughout the right’s obstructionist “leadership” and their quest to fire every public employee they can find teaching in a classroom, fighting a fire, apprehending a criminal, or dispensing medicine to a sick patient lying in a hospital bed.

We could be in so much better shape but for the Republicant’s and the Tea Party racists patriots refusal to work with this President.

So again I ask, where were you while the Republicant’s and the Tea Party racists patriots stifled job growth as President Obama pleaded for cooperation in the name of the health of the economy?

Where were you while the Republicant’s and the Tea Party racists patriots abused the filibuster like nobody’s business?


Ok, well I’m here to tell you…IT’S TIME TO WAKE THE HELL UP! Nappy-time is over.

Because while some of you were sleeping, the Republicant’s and the Tea Party racists patriots screwed us all over…just the way they planned to.




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