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The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996 film)

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”

-Willard “Mitt” Romney

Well Willard, “whatever it was”,  the odds are pretty good that it was most probably a lie.

President Obama was born in Kenya. Wait for it. President Obama was born in Hawaii and pretended to be born in Kenya for affirmative action gains.

Mitt Romney is a “job creator.” Some time ago he claimed he “created thousands of jobs.” Wait for it. Mitt Romney is a “job creator.”  A few months later he claimed that he created “tens of thousands of jobs.” Wait for it. Mitt Romney is a job creator. He has now decided that he will claim that he single-handidly “created one-hundred thousand” jobs.

Mitt Romney and all good little Republicans are fond of saying that  the the free market determines winners and losers and that is the American capitalist way; not all businesses succeed. Wait for it. Mitt Romney and the Fox twits bellow “Solyndra” like it’s a dirty word. Solyndra was one of many businesses which our government, under not only Obama but also under Bush (Solyndra was in the process of approval under Bush, folks), guaranteed loans for (Solyndra represented less than 2% of loan commitments by the DOE and which had numerous successes as well.) Yes, it also was a business that the free market determined was a loser which is the… American capitalist way.

Newt Gingrich assails Mitt Romney’s claims to being a job creator when he was essentially, according to Newtie, a “vulture capitalist.” Wait for it. Newt Gingrich tells President Obama that he shouldn’t campaign on the idea that Mitt Romney was a vulture capitalist.

Paul Ryan believes in austerity where you cut the dickens out of programs for the middle class and poor and reject any type of government (Keynesian) stimulus or revenue raising through taxes. Wait for it. Paul Ryan now says he wants to pre-empt” European-style austerity through his budget lunacy where you give more tax cuts to the rich, increase defense spending, and pay for all of those neat things by slashing programs for the poor…oh, and by CBO estimates, that little package adds millions to the deficit–that Ryan supposedly wants to cut.

Mitt Romney tells Detroit, “drop dead” and writes an OP-ED piece for the New York Times saying that President Obama needs to let the American auto industry go bankrupt and not give them any bridge loans. Wait for it. Mitt Romney now proudly and triumphantly takes credit for the American auto industry “comeback” although the government (both under Bush and later Obama) gave Detroit bridge loans otherwise the car companies would have had to liquidate as there was no private capital to be lent–costing a good million-and-a-half jobs and untold damage to the American psyche.

Precious, aren’t they?

You see, all you have to do is wait for it because if you wait just long enough, these Republicans will say one thing and claim another. If you wait just long enough, these Republicans will attempt to make you believe that what they said wasn’t actually what they said…when they said it. If you wait just long enough, you will see an inevitable 180 on almost any issue that they have been proven wrong on, but claim they had the new view 180 degrees ago. If you wait just long enough you will hear the Republicans lie. They lie, lie, lie. They lie like rugs. They tell lies– damn lies…and they completely get away with it.

I could post link after link proving how these Republicans and Romney turn the truth on its head. How about this one about how President Obama goes around “apologizing” for America? That one got 4 Pinocchio’s from the fact-checkers. Maybe you like the one where  President Obama follows a policy of “appeasement” with our enemies? Perhaps you’ll like this little fib that Mitt and his prevaricating posse trot out every once in a while where it is espoused that the President claimed that he would have the unemployment rate at 6% if the stimulus was passed? Uh, that rates a “MOSTLY FALSE” on the TRUTH-O-METER.

The truth? Evidently this country can’t handle the truth…or just doesn’t really care about the truth. I suppose we’re just too darn preoccupied staring at the kid old enough to order cigarettes online, attached to his mother’s boob on the cover of Time to pay attention to these things.

Don’t let anybody fool you, this election is not really about pitting one political ideology against another. No, no, no. This election is about the chutzpah of one political party which has decided that it has enough “cover”…enough talking doody heads…enough low-information voters… enough cojones… to lie about anything and everything without fear of retribution. It has been proven time and time again the ease with which they spew lies. And the infuriating thing is, no one but a few vigilant folks on the left ever addresses it.

People appear on Meet The Press with “impartial journalist” David Gregory (the right’s newest enabler) or CNN, or any major news network and get to lie with impunity, or are simply never called out for their b.s. Yet in the case of Gregory, where he constantly lets conservative tea-party types off the hook, he is like a dang drone missile when it comes to attacking Democrats.

The Republican brain trust must have officially had a meeting a long time ago and come to the conclusion that most American voters are dumbasses– slumberous, air-headed, malleable, dupes– who throw open their mouths longingly like little baby-birds to accept whatever Republican mama bird drops into their orifices. Well, let me be a little more specific. The Republicans and their talking heads think that their people and independent voters (God bless their little Switzerland-like, neutral hearts) are stone-cold dumbasses. What else explains the nightly misinformation-fest that is FOX NEWS? Lots of people actually do watch these bull-shit artists who have make their living LYING/MISINFORMING/PERVERTING the truth for Grand Poobahs Murdoch and Ailes.

The lefty contingent has always been hip to their sorry act and has tried to expose them at every turn, but honestly, the sheer volume of deceit and deception is very difficult to keep up with.

There are entire websites that document each and every deliberate lie or blatant distortion sent over the public airwaves in the name of “fair and balanced” news coverage. Sean Hannity, who has made a nice little living for himself through purposely mis-editing video and sound bites to “prove” his points, is the master of obfuscation and pejoratives. He calls the President of the United States, “the anointed one.” Anointed– not really freely elected in a democratic process– because wittle Seany doesn’t like him. Waaaaa. Hannity lies so much that he had the dubious honor of being named the “misinformer of the year in 2008.” That’s no small feat in FOX fantasy world. Hannity lies his ass off on a daily basis and throws a football after one of his supposed “Great American Panel” debates. How very American…the throwing the football thing…the lying thing? that’s very Republican.

You see Sean Hannity, just one of many drivers of the right-wing clown car, is emboldened by his total lack of accountability. The right can lie, they can fear-monger, they can distort, because the media is not calling them out. Their lies are embraced by low-information voters who only get their information from them and maybe Rush Limbaugh as they drive around town, proudly sporting their gadsden flags and NOBAMA bumper stickers.

Here is a great example of how the Republicans will try to cheat their way win back the Whitehouse. The super PAC, Crossroads GPS, run by evil genius Karl Rove, is rolling out a 25 million dollar tv ad blitz which is set to run across 10 swing states this summer. This particular ad contains purposely misleading information or complete and utter lies. Here is an excerpt from an article written by Jamelle Bouie from The Plum Line about this ad:

As befitting a Karl Rove outfit, the claims in the ad are either misleading, or outright falsehoods. Citing a Reuters story from 2009 on conservative efforts to sink the bill, Crossroads GPS insinuates that the stimulus was a failure, despite wide consensus that the bill kept United States out of a depression, and significantly improved prospects for recovery.

The ad continues in this vein, blaming high insurance premiums on the Affordable Care Act — when the cited article says otherwise — and blaming Obama for the  increase in debt, despite the fact that under his administration, government spending has risen at a slower pace than any time in the last 60 years. Obama is one of the most miserly presidents in recent history, especially compared to George W. Bush, who grew spending at more than 7 percent per year; double the rate of Bill Clinton, and more than five times the rate of Obama. The simple fact is that the accumulation of debt over the last three-and-a-half years has more to do with the Great Recession than it does with any of Obama’s spending priorities. The spending “binge” of Republican rhetoric is a myth.

As with Romney’s rhetoric, the Crossroads attack on Obama is built on a false narrative where Republican policies weren’t responsible for the economic crisis (which happened ex nihilo), and Democrats hold sole responsibility for the recovery.

Romney-bot 2.0 hits the stump with his perfectly coiffed hair and his sleeves rolled up (a little too perfectly–unlike real men), day after day, week after week, month after month and lies. He lies because too many Americans are getting their information from GOP tv and the lying-liars that get their right-wing talking points handed to them before they go on the air.

Willard Romney and his cohorts un-truths are so brazenly obvious and so easily disproven that it is incomprehensible that any life form above an amoeba cannot dismiss them for what they are, and yet they continue day after day.

But why? Why does Mr. vulture Capitalist need to skew the truth in order to win the election?

He lies because his record of “job creation” in Massachusetts sucks. He lies because he hides his money in off-shore accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands and won’t release his tax returns from more than a few years ago. He lies because he has changed positions more than a 42nd Street hooker from the 70’s. He lies because there never was a day in his life while he was working for Bain that he ever did anything remotely resembling “job creation.” He couldn’t care less if he created one job or had to cut 1000 of them. His job was to go in with other people’s money, load a company with debt that would be shouldered by that company, slash jobs, deny health benefits, and destroy pensions that workers had earned through their toil, skipping town leaving whatever mayhem behind he had to in order to make himself and his investors richer...with not a hair out of place and his sleeves rolled up perfectly. His record is so disturbingly crystal clear to those in the industry that he was called a “job destroyer” by Jim Cramer, a financial analyst, when questioned about Romney’s dubious job creator claims on Meet the Press this past week. Romney is a job destoyer. Has that sunk in yet?

Romney and his surrogates lie because it’s the only way they can win.

They lie because they can.

Just say anything. It’ll be okay. No one really seems to care.










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