Mitt Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Green Acres

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

He was campaigning by the gulf in Mississippi and he said, ‘Some of my best friends have spilled oil in this gulf.'” -Bill Maher on Mitt Romney

I was watching Bill Maher tonight and I saw this video of Thurston Howell III Mitt Romney at a 1,000 dollar-a-plate fundraiser at the home of Papa John’s Pizza mogul JohnShnatterwhateverthefuckhisnameis. You only need to watch roughly the first 32 seconds of this video to understand what I’m referencing.


I don’t know what makes my skin crawl more, what Romney said or the fact that he’s wearing white before Memorial Day—I mean, how gauche.* But seriously, where’s your ascot?

Bill Maher said it best when he quipped that Romney was just seconds away from lighting a cigar with a lit hundred dollar bill in that clip.

Old Mitt thinks that all Democrats don’t like pools or golf courses, and no one should own them (just for disclosure, I own a pretty sweet above ground pool, and took golf lessons once). He says that Republicans love people so much that they hope that each and every American can get them some of that someday!

Wow. Cool. Sign me up. Just one question. You Republicans keep cutting my pay and pensions and I’m sending my kid to college this year and you cut Pell Grants and funding…soooooo….I may have to wait on that estate thingy happening this minute, right? Guess you guys will have to go on without me.

If that little fund-raiser snippet, on top of the hundred’s of other little gems that have rolled off of CEO Moneybags’ lips over the last year doesn’t make you want to grab onto something hard, cold and porcelain and heave uncontrollably, I don’t know what will. Of course, if you are of the “R” persuasion, I’m sure you haven’t a clue why what he said was so wrong.

Romney’s address to the mucky-mucks gathered at the home of the guy who makes some of the country’s worst tasting pizza was another frightening glimpse into his worldview.

Everything to Romney and to the Republicans screams catering to the 1%. But deeper than that, this idea that all anyone cares about is being ‘rich’ because that is the definition of success is wack.

The  former Chief of Staff for Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson, on Maher’s guest panel last night, after watching that enlightening clip, asked where someone like his son-in-law who was a cop, fit into that Romney narrative? How about his son who is in the military? How about the teacher? How about a social worker?  A bus driver? A nurse? Wilkerson points out that Romney leaves out a lot of people in his country-club worldview.

But Mitt really thinks everybody aspires to reach mogul status. He cannot possibly fathom that anyone wouldn’t want what he has.

 That’s is why he will only work for more tax cuts for the richest of the rich, and not give two shits about raising the minimum wage that would help the working poor. He still thinks that trickle down actually trickles down to the little people, or more likely, doesn’t really care if anything trickles once he and his cronies get their hands on all of that extra dough. It really just sounds good.

 He is supposedly a bright guy, but he  won’t can’t look at all the data gathered over the last three decades and come to the conclusion that the ‘job creators’ aren’t creating jobs and the wealth is undeniably and unabashedly staying concentrated at the top?


 I’m pretty sick and goddarned tired of the Romneypublicans claiming that Democrats hate, and are jealous of, rich people. Once again, you haven’t a clue. No Mitt, no one hates rich people. What we hate is the fact that a few, yes, insanely rich and powerful elements of the corporate and business world are using their insane wealth to buy legislators who will cast votes for things like continued and massive subsidies for their businesses, even though those businesses are making more money than any other business ever has in the history of the world.

Maybe some of us find it appalling that these guys get to hire lobbyists and fund the coffers of each party for re-election.  In return they then expect that those politicians will let them pollute our America freely or continue to give to the rich those fabulous tax cuts and take from the poor to pay for them.

Possibly, many of us would like to see our country address climate change intelligently and earnestly without those million-dollar checks to SUPERPACS standing in the way, and compelling right-wing politicians to lie about scientific evidence.

Perhaps these insanely rich folk who can and are writing out those million dollar checks to SUPERPACS to draw up the game plan, as easily I am able to purchase a few boxes of thin mints from the Girl Scouts every year are the issue, not their wealth itself.

Perhaps you could try harder to understand that some of us actually have synapses that are firing and haven’t been dulled by the droning of FAUX News or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh and their GOP agenda of hate, lies, and distortion…did I mention lies? Yeah, the Republicans “lie like rugs” as we used to say at recess.

Oh Mittens– what with his dressage horses, car elevators, and penchant for thinking that firing peopleoutsourcing jobs, and hiding his wealth in the Cayman Islands is the American way–he just really doesn’t get it.

Not everyone wants to be a freaking business tycoon or an empty suit.

Not everyone thinks that having a golf course in your backyard is a top priority.

Not everyone wants to be fabulously rich and tear down one perfectly good mansion to build a bigger mansion.

And really Mitt, the point is, not everybody can…unless you want to lend us all $20 grand to start a business like you told the kids to do the other day. Yeah, we’ll get right on that.

Oh Mitt, do you actually believe that it is possible for everyone to make enough money to fly horses back and forth to Europe and hire nannies, maids and butlers to take of your home? Put golf courses in your backyard? Build car elevators?

If you do, I think we need to talk about some of us getting raises.

Mitt, you will never get it that most Americans do not need or want the same things that your crowd finds so doggone appealing.

Americans are a diverse group of human beings, most of whom are simply looking to find work that fulfills them and leads to a comfortable existence, and not a world of awesome vulture capitalism where you pick over the bones of those you destroy on your way to your first million.

Mitt my man, bottom line is you are out of touch. Period.

More out of touch than Zsa Zsa Gabor living in Green Acres with Arnold the pig.

Actually, I take that back, even Zsa Zsa got in and pitched some hay every once in a while.

And I bet she would never strap Arnold to the roof of her car.

*Bill Maher made a comment about white pants before Memorial Day on the show last night, but I actually thought of this line before the clip ended…so I’m using it.

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