Buckle Up, It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Oh cheese and rice, the 2012 election is going to send me careening straight over the edge of a cliff before it’s even started. I’d better ratchet up my orders from the Chardonnay-of-the-month club, or join a Pinot Grigio-of-the-week club or maybe even succumb to some kind of oh-just-send-me-any-damn-bottle-of wine-a-day-and-cut-the-crap club to help me maintain what’s left of my sanity after watching the events of the last few days.

Thanks to the world of social media, especially Twitter, and the proliferation of right-wing tv and radio over the years, we can look forward to almost daily barrages of texts, tweets, and tantrums from both sides, attacking, counter-attacking, and playing the victim card when necessary. Throw into the mix the very palpable Obama derangement syndrome (certainly not fueled in any way by a teeny-weeny hint of racism, right?), and we will have one humdinger of an election cycle.

I think I’ll pull the covers tightly over my head now.

Let us examine the first of what is sure to be about a gazillion more exasperating episodes like this along the way.

There has been lots of polling recently showing a huge gender gap between women and Mittens Money Romney. This is due, of course, to the fact that women have a tendency to vote for people who actually support issues that most women find important (how dare they). The gap is real because the Republican party, as much as they like to deny it, is hostile to issues that affect women. Uhm, not only that, but issues like contraception that we thought we settled for decades now. But those scamps on the right want to jettison us back to 1959 and pretend it’s cool with us.

Now, it seems that Hillary Rosen, who is a Democratic political consultant and a CNN contributor and not affiliated with President Obama has caused a firestorm with her comments.

The problem is, the comments that the right has pounced on like a Rottweiler on a prime rib bone or me on any kind of Little Debbie snack cake, were totally taken out of context and then blown out of proportion. The people who attacked Rosen for those comments knew full well they were being disingenuous. This was their Ah-ha moment where they could try to do some damage to the President and make some headway against the tide of anti-Romney feeling by the XX’ers. This includes the poor, sweet “victim”, Mrs. Romney.

Rosen was speaking about the gender gap issue for the Republicans, and Romney in particular. Mitt Romney has been almost comically answering every question posed to him about his “female problem” with women voters by saying, “well, my wife… reports to me (and) says that all women really care about is economic issues……”

Hey Mittens, ask Ann how we women feel about world hunger? The frightening honey bee decline? The latest Madmen episode? Get back to me on that. But I digress.

Here is what the right-wing-a-sphere has had a contrived freak out over ( excerpted from Salon.com and Steve Kornaki because I’m lazy):

Rosen was responding to a question about Mitt Romney’s efforts to tailor his economic message to women voters. She began by noting that he’s “running around the country saying, ‘Well, you know, my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues, and when I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing.’”

This was a reference to what Romney said at a news industry convention last week when he was asked about the gender gap: “My wife has the occasion, as you know, to campaign on her own and also with me, and she reports to me regularly that the issue women care about most is the economy.”

Then Rosen uttered the words that sent the right into a tizzy: “Guess what? His wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and why we worry about their future?


At least she didn’t call Mrs. Mittens a slut. Geeze.

Cut to the Twitterverse blowing up with rightous indignation and the R’s cleverly crafting Rosen’s remarks as somehow dissing stay-at-home-moms. Oh puleeze, is this the best you can do? This tweet from a Romney operative:

Obama advisor Hillary Rosen goes on CNN to debut their new “kill Ann” strategy, and in the process insults hardworking moms.

Poor Mrs. Mittens responds (one can only hope and pray it was sent from her and hubby’s cool new car elevator):

I made a choice to stay home and raise 5 sons. Believe me, it was hard work.

Cue the smoke-and-mirrors from the right. Watch all the hate/lie/distortion-filled, Sean Hannity/Bill O’Reilly/Rush Limbaugh-type “shows”, who will now trot out the victim to whine and blame Obama for it. Get out the hankies. Yes, as painful as it is, now poor Mrs. Mittens has to publicly respond to the truth devastating attack on motherhood and apple pie from someone who doesn’t even work for or answer to the Obama campaign. Oh yes, this is a crime of opportunity for the right and they are taking full advantage of it.

I wonder where Mr. and Mrs. Romney were when Michelle Obama was getting pummeled by the right for having the audacity to promote health and fitness for kids, that uppity bitch.

Yes, Ann, we know that raising kids is tough. I made the choice to stay at home for years and I know how thankless it can be. It was also a financial hardship for our family. We sacrificed lots of “things” for that choice. I’ll never regret it. Most women get that. Most people get that.

But many women also have huge stakes in the numerous economic, educational, environmental and healthcare issues which your husband and his party appear very hostile to. Those are the facts.

Hillary Rosen was not disparaging stay-at-home moms, for those who have half a brain. This feigned outrage and claim that somehow through osmosis Obama is attacking stay-at-home-moms through this Hillary Rosen disparaging Ann Romney is laughably transparent.

Rosen was saying that while it’s nice that Mr. Mittens listens to Mrs. Mittens on all things women ‘ish’, she might not exactly be the best choice as a mouthpiece for all women and that subject. But spin away right-wingers, spin away if you must. What’s that they say about all’s fair in love and war? I get it. Even the Whitehouse had to come out and bash her comments so as not to be “tainted” by the fake outrage stirred up by the right.

Republicans can now chant: ‘See, we aren’t waging a war on women, Obama is! Obama is!’

Nah-nah-nah-nah poopy pants Obama.

This is just another painful example of how low Mitt Romney and his political party will go. I have become almost numbed to the daily exposure to out and out lies from the flip-flopper and the Republicans overall.

Just in the last 24 hours we have Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), Sarah Palin’s pick for vice-president (red-flag!red-flag!), declaring that there are “81 communists” who are all Democrats in Congress. Evidently, he got this stunning information while using the Ouija board and channeling Joe McCarthy.

Enter, once again, Mitt Romney who featured a completely disingenuous statistic when he proclaimed that under Obama, women constituted 92% of the job losses during the great Bush recession. Tsk.Tsk. That sound’s pretty bad for the left…except when you peel back the layers of bullshit disguising the truth of that number.

But this just shows how this new Republican party disdains truth or ethics. They seemingly make shit up as they go along and their sycophants buy into it.

I harbor no ill will toward Ann Romney who is probably a fine person. I know she has battled health issues and I have great sympathy for her. However, I just don’t think she should be used by her husband as the point-(wo)man for all things that women care about in this country.

 Most women did not have a billionaire hubby and the opportunity to make the choices she made. I doubt she had to ever worry about paying the mortgage or had to dig through the arm chairs to find enough change to buy a gallon of milk when times were tough. I don’t think she ever had to suck up to a boss who was a jackass and made her work overtime without being compensated for it because it was that or the door. I am presuming that she did not have to make any decisions about her or her family’s health issues based on whether or not something was “covered” under her particular health plan or not. Ann Romney probably never worried about cuts to education affecting her kids because I’d hazard a guess that her kids went to some sort of private school. I’d be willing to bet 10,000 dollars that Ann Romney does not exactly have the pulse of most American women and our lifetime struggles.

 Mitt Romney conveniently  hid behind his wifes apron put his wife out there as the barometer of what women care about. They then play the victim card when they know full well what Hillary Rosen said was in no way meant to disparage stay-at-home moms, but to point out that Ann Romney possibly hasn’t experienced the everyday struggles of many women in America and probably shouldn’t be speaking for them.

Just sayin’.




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