Defending Christie the Bully is Tough Medicine

Please don’t make me feel sorry for Chris Christie.

Please don’t make me stick up for Chris Christie.

Pretty please?

I was fairly horrified when I saw the New York Post’s headline and the accompanying picture of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey…”The Whale at the Wall.”

I would hope that most people would find this article, replete with fifth-grade innuendoes that the New Jersey Governor is really fat, in bad taste. One would also hope that most folks would be repelled by the headline’s homophone displacement.

I am not a big fan of Governor Chris Christie for a myriad of reasons. He is another in a long line of give to the rich, take from the poor Republicans. He sacrifices health and environmental concerns to appease the business community. He also really, really loves corporate welfare. However, one of the most repulsive things about Christie besides his politics is his demeanor and persona. He is a bully– a classless bully– who parades around with this tough, Jersey guy attitude. This is the perception that most of the country has about the inhabitants of my home state which is exactly the image that most of the average, decent, hardworking folks would like to dispel.

Christie uses this thuggish attitude to belittle citizens and politicians alike who dare to question or disagree him. He calls them “numbnuts” and “idiots.”He condescendingly berates women over the television airwaves who have the nerve to ask him if he doesn’t find it a bit unfair that he slashes and burns public education while sending his kids to private schools. He has ex-vets and schoolteachers escorted out of town-hall meetings when he pleases. He asks that “baseball bats” be taken to elderly female legislators . Christie tells Warren Buffet to “shut up” about taxing millionaires like himself more. Oh yeah, baby, the righties just love this “tough-guy” talk when another Youtube moment is created.

Could you imagine if President Obama ever said anything remotely similar? My God, the earth would likely spin off its axis after the right discharged their onslaught.

In a state where as educators, we have been been bombarded with new laws, guidelines, and responsibilities  regarding bullying in our schools, he is the exact opposite of the type of role model we need our leader to be. Governor Chris Christie has quite ironically used the “bully pulpit” given to him as Governor of an extremely important state to advance his, “Shut the hell up you idiot…I will humiliate you because I always get the last, nasty word…Troopers, please escort this pile of garbage out” method of governing.

However, now the New York Post has made me do what I’d rather not. I have to defend a politician I find repulsive because what they did to him was equally as repulsive. They have shrunk to his level.

Yes, we get it, Chris Christie is very large. I actually feel sorry for the man because I know this weight issue has got to be frustrating. I do worry that he will shorten his life if he does not soon get this under control. I may not like him personally or his politics, but for goodness sake, he is a human being, a father and a husband who deserves more than to be mocked because of a physical issue.

Chris Christie humiliates people regularly and is cheered on by his fans. Now he is getting a taste of his own, bitter medicine for sure. Karma anyone?

But now you have made me do something I’d rather not do, New York Post. I have to stick up for Chris Christie and tell you that you crossed the lines of decency (even by the Post’s standards) with your repulsive attacks on his weight. It was juvenile and loathsome and clearly beneath any journalistic standards this side of the National Enquirer.

Damn numbnuts.

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I am a teacher and I love my job.
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