Only in America…

Remember when that black guy killed that white kid and it took forever to arrest him? Me neither.  -Andy Borowitz

Do me a favor America… calm the hell down.

Back the truck up.

Take a collective deep breath.

The Trayvon Martin saga has become one of those typical “only in America” moments.

Only in America does a 17 year-old black kid have to “justify” why he is walking through a white neighborhood on a rainy night wearing a hoodie “looking suspicious.”

Only in America do we pass gun-nut laws that are pushed through by the all-powerful gun-nut lobby– the NRA–to satisfy our deepest darkest fears of the nefarious boogeymen at our door. Then we see where bad legislation leads to unnecessary death. Trayvon may have been profiled, stalked, and had every reason to fear for his own safety, but if you have a gun evidently you have the last word.

Only in America do we have an extremely murky set of circumstances, or at the very least enough “probable cause” to call for a deeper investigation, and there are factions who say those that are asking for a more complete and proper investigation are somehow “rushing to judgement.”

But then again, only in America does one incident get played out 24 hours a day with loads of information being leaked, and people coming out of the woodwork to appear on tv shows to grab their 15 minutes of fame.

And then again, only in America can dumbasses from the entertainment community stick their tweets in their mouths like Spike Lee.

Only in the good old USA can right-wing clowns like the Sean-I-hate-the-President-so-much-it makes-my-tummy-hurt-Hannity have a forum to do exactly what he is telling the liberal left not to do, namely, “rush to judgement.” For days, Hannity has spun any evidence he can find in Zimmerman’s favor, completely ignoring all the other disturbing components of this case. He also, like the other right-wingers, has decided that if you are for the case being properly vetted, you are a “liberal” and as such, you are rabble-rousing and “race-baiting.” How dare black people get all upset! Hannity has spoken.

Because remember, only in the USA will Caucasians tell you that there is no more racism. The same Caucasians who have never been followed in a store for being a wrong color, or stopped in a car for driving-while-black, or been followed and shot to death because someone was afraid of you on a dark, rainy night… who happened to be clutching a gun…while you clutched your skittles.


It seems America has taken sides in this case of Trayvon Martin. Either you are foaming at the mouth over the sheer incompetence of the Keystone Cops down in Sanford Florida or their complete racism (maybe a little of both) and outraged that George Zimmerman is still walking around freely a month after killing a teenager, or you are indignant and irritated that this case is being blown out of “proportion” and there is rush to judgement.

Everything is so disgustingly predictable about this case because in America, tragedies like this become circus events. Everyone winds up looking bad somewhere along the line.

Spike Lee tweets George Zimmerman’s address except– eh– it is evidently some sweet, elderly couple’s home. Not only that, but now these innocents have had to leave their home and go into hiding because some scumbags are threatening their lives. Lee gives one-of-those too-little too-late apologies.

The “New” Black Panther Party puts a bounty out on Zimmerman, placing his life at risk which falls under the heading of ironic since it wasn’t all that long ago that “bounties” were placed on African-American heads for offenses less egregious and vigilantism is exactly one of the disturbing factors in Trayvon’s death.

Zimmerman’s father calls President Obama out for “all this hate.”? Huh? The President simply asks for there to be a proper investigation so that the truth may be determined and that is somehow hateful? Oh wait, dad is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican we learn. That type of attack on the prez is just in their DNA.

Zimmerman’s father also originally stated in a letter that his son never “followed” or “confront[ed]” Martin. That was before the 9-1-1 tapes came out proving otherwise.

Information is released having nothing to do with the killing, smearing this dead boy’s memory, leading Andy Borowitz to tweet this awesome line:

“I did not know that in Florida the penalty for being suspended from school was being shot at point-blank range.”

The right-wing hate machine goes into full court press by parading over the tv and internet pictures that are supposedly of the dead kid with a “gold grill.” Michelle Malkin, a conservative blogger, puts a picture of Trayvon Martin on her website, “Twitchy”, clearly flipping the bird and wearing saggy pants on his Facebook page. Oh except for one minor detail, they were not pictures of Trayvon Martin. Oops.

But the real question is, is that supposed to make him guilty of something? Oh yeah, walking while black…be-ing black…you know, one-a-those scary black kids with gold grills and saggy pants. He must be guilty of something. Good thing he’s dead.

Zimmerman’s brother goes on CNN and gives an interview stating basically that Zimmerman was getting his head pounded into the ground so hard and for so long that he almost lost consciousness. He was simply “protecting himself…so he wouldn’t… be wearing diapers… and being spoon-fed by his brother…”

Then we see a police video roughly 35 minutes after Zimmerman was supposedly beaten into near unconsciousness with a broken nose as proof. However, this video is striking in that Zimmerman looks relaxed and seemingly moving around quite easily for a guy who had to kill another person because he was beaten so badly. There is also no clear evidence of blood all over him which would seem to be a given since Zimmerman’s nose was supposedly broken and his head was slammed into concrete. Admittedly, the video is taken from far enough away and grainy enough that any blood may not be obvious. However, why is it that in that same video, Zimmerman is handcuffed yet he was not considered under arrest for suspicion of murder? Was he somehow “unarrested” at the police station?

The Sanford mayor has now come out and said that the Sanford police department fought the release of the 911 tapes with Zimmerman’s voice explaining the events of that night. Why? Is there something to hide? You would think they would welcome their release since they consider this case to be clear-cut.

Hey, all I know is that from day one, it defied logic that there was not enough “probable cause” to arrest Zimmerman when you looked at the facts.


Zimmerman called 911 and was following Trayvon Martin, considering him “suspicious.”

Zimmerman was told to not follow him.

Zimmerman had a gun, Trayvon had the now famous Skittles and Iced Tea.

Trayvon Martin called his girlfriend and told her that he was being followed. He was alarmed by that little fact. She told him to run. The girlfriend was never interviewed by the Sanford PD.

Someone is screaming for help which was caught on a 911 tape. Then a gunshot. We do not yet know who it is, but wouldn’t this have been a pretty damn important piece of evidence to investigate?

According to one witness, a teacher, a police officer on the scene “corrected her” when she stated that it was the teen who she heard screaming for help. He “told” her it was Zimmerman.

It was publicly admitted by Police Chief Billy Lee that the officers at the scene took Zimmerman’s word for it that he had no police record, which has turned out to be untrue.

Zimmerman killed a 17 year-old kid who was unarmed claiming he was fearing for his life and being severely beaten yet never went to the hospital right then and there.

Zimmerman was never given a drug or alcohol test which is supposedly proper protocol under the circumstances. Trayvon was given one though.

Witnesses have said that two men were scuffling and there was screaming and then one was shot dead.

The lead investigator of this case wanted to press charges against Zimmerman because he didn’t believe Zimmerman and was overruled by the DA.

The Sanford Police and officials are either correct or totally clueless, corrupt, or racist…maybe all of the above.

But let me ask you a question. If your son or daughter was walking home from the store without a weapon, and they wound up shot to death and the same exact circumstances were in effect, would YOU find it disturbing?

Would YOU find it unsettling that the evidence showed your kid was doing nothing wrong and realized they were being followed and became scared?

Would YOU find it a little galling that one man’s word that he killed because he was fearing for his life was simply accepted by all and the case closed? Why was Zimmerman’s word good enough when witnesses can’t be sure (yet) who was on top or getting beaten?

Would YOU accept a George Zimmerman walking away from your son or daughter’s dead body simply by claiming Stand Your Ground when the irony remains that the victim had every reason to fear for his own life and if he had had a gun, may have actually have had as much or even more grounds to use it than the shooter in this case?

Would YOU question the wisdom of a law that allows a man to actually create danger for himself because of perhaps his own deep-seeded fears and then have to kill to avoid his own demise? Hey gang, that’s one effed up law.

All that most reasonable people are saying is that there should be a more thorough investigation and if evidence warrants it, an arrest and a trial. The events of that night were ridiculously anything but cut and dried. A trial is how we determine guilt or innocence in America. Why is that now a supposedly “liberal” idea?

As the evidence leaks out, it has become apparent that lots of things don’t add up. That’s what juries are for, to weigh the evidence. Maybe Zimmerman was justified. Maybe he wasn’t. However, if you can view all the circumstances of this case that we know of  now, and not see any probable cause to arrest Mr. Zimmerman, then Houston, we have a problem.

I love how the lily white, who never had one day in their lives where they were harassed or called names or followed in a store…it’s funny how these indignant folks get twisted when people of color try to point out the possibility that this was case of racial profiling by a wanna- be- cop with a dubious past history which ended with a dead black teenager for no goddamned good reason .

For those of you who are screaming that we should let the facts come out before passing judgement you are so right. But guess what people? Without citizens of America calling for this case to be looked into more closely, these “facts” coming out would never have come out. Remember, according to the police, Zimmerman killed the boy in the Stand Your Ground defense. His word was good enough. Case closed.

The right can’t claim a rush to judgement when all anyone is asking for is a fair accounting of the facts from the night that took a mother’s son when he went to the 7-11 at halftime to buy an Arizona Iced Tea and a bag of rainbow- colored candy.

It’s a damn good thing this case got national attention, because without it, the Sanford police department and the state attorney would have gone off silently into night without looking a little more closely into the case…and that is all anyone really began asking for.

The events of that night are disturbing on all kinds of levels. It just makes no sense.

I tell you what, out of all of this craziness, Trayvon’s parents have shown a quiet strength, dignity and calm. I wish I could say the same for a lot of the rest of us. I wouldn’t be as calm, that much I know for sure.

Justice for Trayvon, and by extension, for us all, whatever the results of the investigation show.

Is that really too much to ask?

Only in America it is.

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