Etch a Sketch for the Potato Heads

Inside view of an Etch-A-sketch toy showing th...

Inside view of an Etch-A-sketch toy showing the plotter-like inner mechanism, with the aluminium dust removed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sorry but did I dream this or did Willard Mitt Romney’s campaign advisor actually compare his campaign, and by extension, his political “soul”, to one of my favorite childhood toys, the Etch-A-Sketch?  No he didn’t!

Does Romney and his team have secret kickback deals with late-night comedians or something?

I do find it simply scrumptious that this, oh-so-fitting metaphor comparing Romney’s lack of any core values to an Etch A Sketch will be lost on the potato-heads who actually think he is anything but a panderer who will literally do or say or sing anything to get their vote. It is precisely the people whose memories are erased just like a  shake of one of those things that Romney hones in on. It’s those he is depending on. Shake, shake, shake away the facts. Shake, shake, shake away the truth.

When this guy isn’t strapping dogs to the roof of his car for  300 mile rides of terror, he’s singing America the Beautiful to the cardiac crowd (excruciatingly off-key I may add) for the “patriotic” vote. By golly, isn’t that Mitty just a real gosh darn American? Why I bet he says the pledge of allegiance before he takes his morning cup of joe too!

But hey, don’t get me started. I will have plenty of time before November to chronicle his laundry list of policy flip-flops and horrible economic record while Governor of Massachusetts.  

Just for the record, I always liked Mr. Potato Head better than Etch a Sketch. Truth be told, I think Mr. Potato Head may have a tad more substance than Mr. Romney.

Shake, shake, shake.

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  1. More substance, of course. But he doesn’t have the hair.

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