Rush to Judgement

Birth control pill

“He’s being absurd, but that’s you know, an entertainer can be absurd. He’s in a very different business than I am.” -Rick Santorum

Absurd: (adj.) ridiculous, senseless.

So Rick Santorum calls Rush Slime-baugh’s comments about Sarah Fluke “absurd.”

Absurd are Slime-baugh’s remarks, are they Santorum? Way to be the master of the understatement, Mister. Or are you, as I suspect, simply too much of a coward, too much of a party brown-noser, too much of womans place is in the home kinda guy to call his remarks about this young woman what they were. Uncalled for. Disgusting. Misogynistic. Reprehensible. Sickening. Debasing. Degrading. Uncivilized. All of the above?

You see Mr. Santorum, calling an American citizen like Sandra Fluke, a “slut” and a “prostitute”, and calling for her to “post…sex tapes…on the internet so we can all watch” is not simply “absurd.” Calling those comments “absurd” are akin to calling the rape of a woman “regrettable.”

Calling Slime-baugh’s humiliating and sexist rant for three days straight on his show about a private citizen willing to testify before congress about a women’s health and well-being issue “absurd” is similar to calling a tornado that rips through a neighborhood leaving a wake of death and devastation an “unfortunate event.”

By the way, you ignorant, uniformed, cavemen from the 1940’s, the pill is diagnosed roughly 40 % of the time for HEALTH REASONS TOTALLY UNRELATED TO AVOIDING PREGNANCY.

Sarah Fluke is not a public figure. She is not some piece of meat to be tossed out there for your consumption. She is someone’s daughter, and moreover, a human being performing what she and many others believe is her civic right and duty. That duty entails enlightening congress about an issue that you may disagree with, but your disagreement does not give you the right to diminish her as a human being.

If Slime-baugh called one of your daughter’s a “slut” Mr. Santorum, would you be a tad upset?

You want to be my country’s leader? Try leading.

After mounting public pressure, including an official letter from congressional Democrats sent to Speaker Boehnor calling for he and his Republican posse to denounce the disgusting comments from the Republican’s spiritual leader, old weepy came out and really put his foot down. Surpassing Rick “Keep ‘Em Barefoot and Pregnant” Santorum’s timid rhetoric, the tan man called the remarks “inappropriate.” Wow. That’s tellin’ him.

You see, the Republican Party lives in abject terror of Slime-baugh’s wrath. Very few will ever have the gonads to put him in his place. They know he wields devastating power and has the ability to crush anyone who has the audacity to challenge him. Cowards. You effing cowards.

I have a question for the outraged Slime-baugh and his 99%, white-male Republican legislators in congress.

Let’s just say that these self-rightous right-wingers get their way and allow an employer to disallow coverage for the pill on “moral grounds.”

Will Viagra also be banned?

Why would this not be an issue for the holy rollers?

Using the same logic as Rick “Presidents named Obama who Want People To Be Able To Go to College are Snobs” Santorum, single men do not need Viagra, right? Therefore, it should be one of those things that employers can willy-nilly exclude from any type of coverage in their health plans. Right?

Cuz, ya know, Ricky “I Believe in the Constitution Which Says Religious Freedom is a Right as Long as it is My Religion Being Practiced At All Times” Santorum says that S-E-X is only for married people who want to make babies. Glad we could clear that up for the guys.

No Viagra for you, single males!

But I digress. Rush Slime-baugh has crossed a line. Sarah Fluke is an ordinary American citizen who has come under vicious attack by this political “entertainer.” His sleazy, vile tirades for three days about this young woman on the air to his legions of ditto-heads (a moniker expressed proudly by the meatheads who endorse his daily depravity, mind you) has exposed for the gazillionth time his nauseating modus operandi. Attack, and attack relentlessly using the most racist and depraved language possible. Double-down…then triple down…Ditto dude!

If you listen to Slime-baugh you should be ashamed of his comments…and truthfully IMHO, you should be ashamed of yourself for listening to him at all. He has proven time and time again to be a racist, misogynistic, degenerate who is also a run-of-the-mill convicted and self-admitted drug addict who is such a fan of serial marraige that he has done it four times. Hardly what you would call a “role-model” for the youth is Mr. Slime-baugh. But yet, incomprehensibly, he can call a 30 year-old Georgetown law student a slut and a prostitute and get away with it. Chortle, chortle. World turned upside down…or maybe it’s a case of the right-wingers getting back their mojo…a mojo where women are once again second-class citizens who should be denigrated and mocked for speaking their minds about issues affecting their lives.

Do you remember when Don Imus made those racist comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team? There was an uproar, and rightfully so. People called for Imus to be fired. He was. Remember when MSNBC host Ed Shultz called a conservative woman commentator a slut? He was suspended without pay (voluntarily, btw) and he apologized profusely for that comment. I denounced both men when the incidents happened and both paid for their remarks. Apologies? You won’t get any from Slime-baugh because he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Evidently, neither do any Republican men…or women…as evidenced by their too few and faint-hearted condemnations or complete and deafening silence.

How very “absurd.”

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