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A great deal of what passes for current Christianity consists in denouncing other people’s vices and faults. ~Henry H. Williams

Okey-dokey Republicans, you want a war? You’ve got one. I mean, it’s on. There aren’t enough hours in the day (I work, have a kid, run a household, Facebook til I’m numb, have 2 cats and a dog to please–oh, and a husband– can’t forget you dear), to pen enough blogs to cover this sick joke called the Republican Party and every single assault they have made on 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st century gains in women’s rights. These Republicans in 2012 talk out of their posterior at every turn (I really, really, want to say that they talk out of their ass, but I’m trying to keep up the appearance of propriety). These Republicans have started something massive and insidious and for a lot of women like me, it’s personal.

These Republicans in 2012 on the one hand tell us to reject established science ( evolution is bunk and global warming is a hoax in which 97% of the world’s brightest scientists have decided to take part in) which by its very nature must prove itself with quantifiable and verifiable facts, but yet we are supposed to embrace their religious marching orders which are based on nothing more than the blind faith they have in their God.

These Republicans love the Constitution, but want to dictate their particular version of their faith upon us, contrary to the first amendment.

These Republicans love to quote our Founding Fathers and claim this country was meant to be a Christian, faith-based nation, but are ignorant to the fact that many of them were deists. God is never mentioned in the Constitution anywhere. Try reading Thomas Paine’s, Age of Reason for a scathing indictment of revealed religion. Remember Paine was the author of Common Sense which was the seminal document imploring the American colonies to fight for their independence.

These Republicans are the Christian version of the Taliban. Harsh? No way. These Republicans have earned that status because they have been running a strong-arm, terroristic campaign against women, gays, and those who don’t adhere to their religious zealotry. They are both anti-women. They both believe that religious law should trump secular law.

These Republicans, particularly the Tea Party element, most of whom came from the Southern states, the minute they were sworn-in in 2011 amidst the recession, rolled up their sleeves and went to work right away. However, they didn’t go to work trying to help President Obama get the economy back on track. Nope. They had bigger fish to fry. Instead, they started to propose legislation that in essence, would destroy an organization set up to perform services that benefit women’s health– Planned Parenthood– and to assault the legal rights and the health and very lives of women.

Three bills were proposed by the Teapublicans in February 2011, which tried to essentially cut-off money to Planned Parenthood, allow hospitals to turn away women in need of an emergency abortion to save their lives, and my own Representative Chris Smith proposed H.R. 3, which would have denied tax credits or benefits to employers who offered health insurance which covered abortions. Not a single job created there fellas.

And yet, all you ever hear ad nauseam from these Republicans is:

  • We want less government intrusion into our lives!
  • Government can’t solve the problem, they are the problem!
  • Government stay out of our business and let us be!

So, for all of their hot air protestations and libertarian verbal diahrrea verbosity, it is these Republicans who are the ones now suddenly seriously obsessed with controlling/dictating/regulating/supervising/denying coverage for/ women’s health. I mean they are stone-cold, freaking zealot’s over women’s sexual and personal health decisions. Their hysteria over women’s issues have gotten to the point where they want to legislate away the ability of a woman to make decisions in consultation with her doctor about her own health and well-being.

These Republicans, the party that got the country whipped up into a frenzy with their phony ‘death panels’ and tirades that ‘Obamacare and big government will get between you and your doctor!’ are suddenly scrambling like hell to pass laws so that government can get in between you and your doctor. Of course, the “you” in this scenario is a woman.

Only these Republicans could try to pass a law that would have a totally unneccessary, painful, unpleasant and potentially humiliating procedure performed where a tube is inserted into a woman’s vagina for absolutely no medically necessary reason. Feel bad now lady? Huh? We’ll make you PAY one way or the other bitch. The particular procedure that they want done is a total metaphor for these Republicans because they have been attempting to stick it to us for a while now. Of course, the “us” in this scenario is women.

How about these Republicans who are so hot to mandate unnecessary vaginal probes propose that men undergo a rectal exam before having a vasectomy? What about dictating that men be forced to be anally probed before getting a prescription for Viagra? Huh? How about it boys? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Only this new Republican cabal could take something that is legal like abortion and try to do everything in their power to make it virtually inaccessible to women, or put up any and every roadblock to make it as difficult, uncomfortable and debasing for women as possible.

Only these Republicans could make a divisive issue out of another legal and seemingly beneficial part of healthcare such as contraception.

Only these Republicans don’t care to understand that the pill is often prescribed for certain medical conditions, completely unrelated to preventing pregnancy including endometriosis, ovarian cysts, acne, PMS, severe cramping, and irregular or lack of periods.

Only these Republicans could gin up a war with an organization like Planned Parenthood. If they looked at the facts as it relates to services of this organization, they would know that 97% of the services PP performs are related to women’s healthcare, cancer and STD screenings and treatments, etc. Planned Parenthood prevents unwanted pregnancies which you would think these Republicans would love. But alas, no. Silly girls, you are not supposed to have… you know…S-E-X… outside of marriage. SHHHHHHH, don’t say that word out loud, Rick Santorum and God might get mad.

Speaking of Rick “I love the Crusades” Santorum, you sanctimonious phony politician, maybe you can get away with your holier-than-thou, 1950’s patriarchal attitude in your household, but you had better step off my porch with it. Only a “good Christian” like you could take an extremely important part of a woman’s daily life and make her feel guilty and bad and somehow slutty about decisions she makes. If I choose not to get pregnant at age 48 or 49 (yup, my nasty disposition cannot be blamed on menopause at this point), that is none of your damned business. And if I do, it’s none of your damned business. Got it? By the way, I’m not in any way shape or form planning on being a mom at 50, even though I am physically still capable. As my daughter has said on the subject of older mommies (especially me), “ewwww, that’s just totally gross.”

Let’s be real here folks, these Republicans in 2012 want to control women because they feel they have lost control of not only women, but everything else in their lives. Conservatives by definition abhor change, and their authoritarian personalities are shaped by fear of change. Why do you think Rick Santorum’s 13th century views are embraced by evangelical right-wingers? They long for the olden days when they could dictate to society how they wanted things to be… which was their way. Rick Santorum is just saying what his base wants to hear. Women need to stay home, open their legs to hubby, have babies one after another, home school them, and keep the home fires burning for their man. And hey, if a girl gets raped and becomes pregnant, she’s gotta grin and bear it–literally. I never in my adult life thought we would ever revisit this Neanderthal code put forth by the religious right. Never. But here we are.

These Republicans are the last vestiges of those who feel that they are becoming less powerful personally and professionally. These are the mostly angry, Southern, white men who listen to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, et al., scare the shit out of them during lunch (that’s not my line, but one I heard a long time ago and it always cracks me up with its simple truth). Be afraid of big, bad, black Obama and the creepy liberals who want to take away our guns and make it harder for us white men to control everything in America. Be very, very, afraid.

These Republicans want to control our minds, bodies and our personal behavior, but when it comes to business–whoa… laissez-faire.

These Republicans will fight like hell for states rights and corporate rights (corporations are people according to Mitt Romney)– just not women’s rights–or gay rights for that matter. Those rights aren’t the ‘right’ rights according to the right. Right? Gosh, I think I’ve said that before, but it’s so apropos.

These Republicans decry government intrusion into our lives, unless it’s our sex lives.

These Republicans have another thing coming if they continue this assault on my gender and more than that, on my basic civil rights.

War on women? Check.

Just curious. What year is it again?

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2 Responses to These Republicans…

  1. Those R’s just love war. Doesn’t matter weather it’s against women, education or another country- it’s all the same. Just look at how eager they are to go to war with Iran.

  2. Republicans are all about the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. They love sending everybody else’s kids into harms way while they become giddy watching their banks accounts soar.

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