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We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both. 

– Justice Louis Brandeis

You know you are a Republican/Tea Party Patriot if:

1. You positively can’t stand this notion of redistribution of wealth but don’t seem to be able to comprehend the statistics that clearly show the redistribution of wealth since Reagan became president has been in favor of the richest classes, flowing UPWARD. This has been accomplished thanks to tax cuts, tax loopholes the wealthy take advantage of, and deregulation of the financial industry and wealth is not in any way, shape, or form flowing DOWNWARD as the conservatives want you to believe.

2. You get elected to create jobs and move the economy again but do not put forth ONE jobs bill in two years. As a matter of fact, you do lots of head-scratching manuevers in order to BLOCK job growth initiatives. Huh. I wonder why?

3. You oppose anything the President proposes, even when they include those tax cuts you supposedly love. You make it crystal clear that you don’t really like tax cuts when they help the working classes.

4. President Obama, kills Osama Bin Laden and many other high-ranking terrorists, makes the right call in “leading from behind” in Libya to oust Gaddafi with not one American life lost, ratchets down in Iraq, and there are crickets from the right. This after all the republicans screamed that Obama would be an old softie on those terrorists.

5. You, like Eric Cantor want any emergency aid measures to be “paid for”, but don’t need the Bush tax cuts “to be paid for” or two wars “to be paid for” or Wall Street bailouts “to be paid for.”

6. You block every bill the democrats propose, the economy continues to sputter, and yet you blame President Obama for his “failed policies.”

6. You get elected and say you will end “Washington gridlock”…yet only add to it, and then some. Just look at the debt ceiling fight which was the poster-child for the Republican ideology of no-holds-barred, petulant child acting, temper-tantrum throwing, hostage-taking, it’s our way or the highway governance. It was a pox on our country and totally unnecessary as well as extremely harmful in the long-run.

7. You hold free and open town hall meetings gleefully when times are good, but have“pay-per-view” fundraisers when you know people don’t like your policies in order to avoid bad press.

8. You still claim there is liberal media bias, but don’t count all of FOX as the right-wing mouthpiece.

9. You think Bill Maher is a hater but love that sweet Ann Coulter. For my money, if I was to believe in the anti-Christ, it would be her.

10. You believe in letting the “free market” decide outcomes as it knows best (I thought Father Knows Best?). However, there is no such thing as the “free market”, as it is a creation of government and is controlled by the government on many levels.

11. You think the Republican party of today is the party of Lincoln.

12. You are doing everything in your power to target traditionally democratic voters (elderly, college-students, minorities, poor) by passing un-needed, unfair, and discriminatory laws to prevent people from voting, claiming you are doing this to prevent voting fraud, despite the fact that there have been comprehensive investigations which prove that voter fraud is about as likely as getting struck by lightning. This is another transparent attempt by the right to suppress the ability of the left of center to have a voice.

13. You deny scientific conclusions based on evidence (which 98% of the world’s scientists agree on) that global warming is real, moving along swiftly due to man-made factors, and needs to be reversed as soon as possible to avoid future calamity. However, you expect the entire country to march in lock-step with your religion. You claim we should make political decisions based upon faith (yours only) which is defined as a belief which does not rest on material evidence or logical proof. Gotcha.

14. You constantly contend that government should run like a business, not understanding that businesses want to make as much profit as possible, even if that means others may suffer through cutting corners, laying off workers and demanding more from those left to cover the difference. You want that attitude from your government?

15. You assert that the government should hold to a budget like a family but families don’t have to teach children, defend the country, or help people back on their feet after losing their jobs or being hurt on the job. Families often go into debt that they never pay off (mortgages), have to get a second job to gain more revenue (governments have to raise taxes), and don’t have to fight terrorism, unless they have really nasty neighbors.

16. You bleat about the Founding Fathers but don’t understand that they were a hugely diverse group of men who had wildly divergent ideas of religion and government.

17. You cite the Constitution ad nauseam but want to change lots of things in it.

18. You scream that tax increases only hurt the economy during recession, yet must not believe the FACT that under Reagan and Clinton (among other presidents) they RAISED taxes during recessions and THE ECONOMY IMPROVED. Egads!

19. It doesn’t dawn on you that in the time period before the two biggest financial collapses in American history, two Republican presidents enacted sweeping tax cuts which lends itself to the idea that sweeping tax cuts may be harmful to an economy long-term, especially when those cuts help the upper crust as opposed to the average citizen.

20. You were elected to Congress to serve ALL the people, but have clearly, transparently, selfishly, and admittedly done everything in your power to make sure that President Obama fails. You have done this because you have said no. You have said no to every plan or idea he has put forth to get America working again. You are a Republican if you have decided that you are quite willing to allow all of us to suffer by hoping that the economy stays really crappy.

The bottom line here is that it has become a sad fact that there are only militant extremists left in the Republican Party who refused to negotiate with the President who put forth an honest effort to meet in the middle. What he got was his hand slapped away. Now President Obama is finally realizing that what the right wants to do is keep the economy in limbo so that he cannot win re-election. They do not care about the suffering of millions. Now, finally, he has decided to get tough, and the right has the gall to say he is, “giving up negotiating.” Boo-hoo Boehner you phony. Cry those crocodile tears somewhere else. You haven’t negotiated, you have dictated. You have dictated the script from your corporate masters, the ones who fund you and expect you to keep the status quo. Maybe the right buys your baloney, but lots of us see right through you. I see through your tactics, as do many of us 99 percenters.

This is a watershed period of time for our country. Occupy Wall Street is growing, even as the right and corporate America is doing their damndest to mock and discredit them. These Occupy Wall Street protesters are putting into action what our democracy implores them to do. They should be applauded for opening up a dialogue about how the middle class has been getting screwed for decades now. The next step needs to be a massive march on Washington, right up to the Capitol. The people sent to Washington need to know that we are done being the 99% who have been forgotten while you pad your re-election coffers with corporate money or big oil money or big bank money. Yes, that includes the Democrats as well who have sold out their constituents. No country can survive when the wealth discrepancy is as massive and stark as it is today. Their message is very clear, and while it isn’t in the neat little, simplistic package that many are calling for because the issues are complicated, it is a loud and important message just the same. We are fed up, fired up, and we will be heard. 

For those of you who don’t understand their message, here it is. Change the way you are doing business in Washington so that the 99% of Americans have hope of actually living the American dream, because right now it’s a nightmare. Stop protecting Wall Street thieves who destroyed our pensions. Stop subsidizing big oil when we know full well they make BILLIONS in profits quarterly. Stop blocking true financial reform. Stop destroying the damn planet because you are carrying water for big business who only cares about their bottom line. Stop the dismantling of safety nets. Stop trying to privatize everything from education to social security to road building because your fat cat friends on Wall Street and in the CEO offices are frothing at the mouth over the prospect of getting their greedy little hands on billions of dollars. Stop rigging the system to work for only you (the rich and the corporate masters) and start preserving the American middle class which is dying on the vine. We don’t hate capitalism which is what the lying talking heads want you to believe. What we hate is how capitalism has been hijacked and bought by the very few at the expense of the very many. If the shoe fits… Republicans…so be it. Is that message clear enough for you now?

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