Cantor Can’t Do Compromise

Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia

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“Most importantly, the Republicans have turned a dispute over a technicality into a religious war, which no longer has any relation to a reasonable dispute between the elected government and the opposition.”

-Bild (a populist German newspaper)

I think it is interesting and informative to look at how the world sees the United States and its political scene sometimes. I liken it to looking at history books from other countries to see what their interpretations of historical events are. I found this blurb from a compilation of reporting about the debt-ceiling crisis from German newspapers. It is illuminating. Basically, it seems a lot of the rest of the world (at least in this case Germany) sees the lunacy of the Republican/Tea Party leaders and how they have become freakish hostage takers. They will not allow for real compromise and are willing to plunge this country and the rest of the world into another financial crisis so that they can run campaign ads that say, “We didn’t raise taxes! Aren’t we awesome!?” Once again, taxes have NEVER been lower…didn’t get that ya say…come a little closer to the screen…TAXES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER ON THE RICH IN THE LAST 60 YEARS. NEVER. We need to raise some revenue and wouldn’t it be lovely if the rich actually shared some freaking sacrifice along with the rest of us shlubs??? After all, those “job creators” that the right loves to coddle and fondle and lavish gifts upon like a Hollywood starlet on a first date have not exactly created jobs in the decade of those infamous Bush tax cuts now have they? However, their bank accounts have surely swelled through special treatment and giveaways by our politicians.

The Tea Party people like Eric Cantor refuse, simply refuse, to negotiate in good faith and see compromise as weakness. Cantor even thinks that closing tax loopholes, whereby corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes on profits, is off-limits and incomprehensible. Oh, btw government, keep your grubby little outstretched hands off of those filthy rich corporate jet owners! Cantor’s not having it. He and the rest of that corporate coddling caucus are willing to play chicken with our economy to protect the big boys. Here is an interesting take on the debt ceiling crisis from the conservative German newspaper Die Welt:

The influence of the Tea Party movement … can not be overestimated. … The movement sees traditional politics as corrupt and regards Washington as a den of iniquity. … They see the other side as their enemy. Negotiations with the Democrats, whether it’s about appointing a judge or the insolvency of the United States, are only successful if the enemy is defeated. Compromise, they feel, is a sign of weakness and cowardice.”

Compromise is considered a sign of weakness and cowardice? Negotiations are only acceptable if the enemy is defeated? I think the Germans are spot-on there, and on a totally unrelated note, I wonder if the Germans still love David Hasselhoff like they did in the eighties? Anyway,  perhaps Mr. Cantor doesn’t understand that compromise and negotiation is usually the only way things actually get accomplished in Washington. But what do you expect from a smug, entitled, egomaniacal jackass whose nickname is “Overdog” (gag me), presumably because he really loves to kick it with the oligarchs  and a lot of  stinking rich people whose paychecks have more zero’s on them in one week than I’ll ever see in a lifetime. All you need to know about guys like Eric Cantor can be summed up by a quote he chose for his high school yearbook. These are some telling and prophetic words:

“I want, what I want, when I want it.” 

Yeah, we get it Eric.

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