Bachmann, Liar in Overdrive

Michele Bachmann

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 “I don’t think I ever served with anybody who I mistrusted more, from either side of the aisle.”

Former state senator Dean Johnson, who was the Republican minority leader during Bachmann’s stint in St. Paul

How do you spell phony?  Evidently it’s B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N.  Michele Bachmann. Hater of big government but lover of personal gain because of it. Despiser of bloated government over-reach but a fan of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars into her and her family’s private bank accounts due to it. Reviles President Obama’s stimulus but begs the federal government for money for her state . Yet another hypocritical right-wing Teahadist who talks the talk but doesn’t necessarily walk the walk when it comes to enriching themselves through big government. As long as they benefit through it and not the elderly, the sick, disabled or poor segments of our country, it’s all good.

Michael Isikoff has reported that Michele Bachmann has lied about how much she profited from government programs that she so vehemently assaults everyday:

While Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., has forcefully denounced the Medicaid program for swelling the “welfare rolls,” the mental health clinic run by her husband has been collecting annual Medicaid payments totaling over $137,000 for the treatment of patients since 2005, according to new figures obtained by NBC News. The previously unreported payments are on top of the $24,000 in federal and state funds that Bachmann & Associates, the clinic founded by Marcus Bachmann, a clinical therapist, received in recent years under a state grant to train its employees, state records show. The figures were provided to NBC News in response to a Freedom of Information request.

The clinic, based in Lake Elmo, Minn., describes itself on its website as offering “quality Christian counseling” for a large number of mental health problems ranging from “anger management” to addictions and eating disorders.

The $161,000 in payments from the Minnesota Department of Human Services to her husband’s clinic appear to contradict some of Michelle Bachmann’s public accounts this week when she was first asked about the extent to which her family has benefited from government aid. Contacted this afternoon, Alice Stewart, a spokeswoman for Bachmann, said the congresswoman was doing campaign events and was not immediately available for comment.

Questions about the Bachmann family’s receipt of government funds arose this week after a Los Angeles Times story reported that a family farm in which Michelle Bachmann is a partner had received nearly $260,000 in federal farm subsidies.

Huh? Bachmann has not been totally candid and truthful about the extent that she has been benefitting by that awful big government she wants to scale back if elected President? President Michele Bachmann. Whoa. I just got chills thinking about that possibility. Not the good kind of chills, either. The bad kind of chills that happen right before you get the flu or start to projectile vomit.

Anyway, The Los Angeles Times has reported that Bachmann , when pressed on the Medicade matter, insisted that she and her husband had not benefited at taxpayers’ expense. “First of all,” she said, “the money that went to the clinic was actually training money for employees. The clinic did not get the money. And my husband and I did not get the money either. That’s mental health training money that went to employees.”  Not so fast lady, that is definitely not what the records show.

How about this “family farm” that she claims she has not made any money from which has been given  hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies by the government of the United States? Well, it seems old Michele is hiding some important information there as well:

Another of Bachmann’s assets — a family farm owned by her late father-in-law, Paul Bachmann — received nearly $260,000 in federal money between 1995 and 2008, largely from corn and dairy subsidies, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit research organization that scrutinizes such subsidies. Paul Bachmann died in May 2009, but the congresswoman retains a partnership in the farm. 

Bachmann said in December that the subsidies went to her in-laws and she never received “one penny” from the farm, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. However, in financial disclosure forms, she reported receiving between $32,503 and $105,000 in income from the farm, at minimum, between 2006 and 2009.

Publicly, Bachmann has objected strongly to federal farm payments.

When she voted against the 2008 farm bill, a $307-billion package that would govern federal agriculture policy for five years, Bachmann declared that it was “loaded with unbelievably outrageous pork and subsidies for agricultural business and ethanol growers.” She was one of two nays cast by Minnesota’s eight-member delegation.

Just a year later, however, Bachmann wrote to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, praising the federal government for helping prop up the prices of pig products and dairy by directly buying the commodities, a move that benefited her constituents.

“I would encourage you to take any additional steps necessary to prevent further deterioration of these critical industries, such as making additional commodity purchases,” she wrote on Oct. 5, 2009. The Los Angeles Times/Tribune Washington Bureau obtained the letter through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Bachmann has become a political buffoon when it comes to consistently speaking about things that are completely untrue. How about some of these greatest hits:

BACHMANN: “It’s ironic and sad that the president released all of the oil from the strategic oil reserve. … There’s only a limited amount of oil that we have in the strategic oil reserve. It’s there for emergencies.” – On CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

THE FACTS: Obama did not empty all the oil from the strategic reserve. He approved the release of 30 million barrels, about 4 percent of the 727 million barrels stored in salt caverns along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. It’s true that the U.S. normally taps the reserve for more dire emergencies than exist today, and that exposes Obama to criticism that he acted for political gain. But the reserve has never been fuller; it held 707 million barrels when last tapped, after 2008 hurricanes.

BACHMANN: “One. That’s the number of new drilling permits under the Obama administration since they came into office.” – Comment to a conservative conference in Iowa in March.

THE FACTS: The Obama administration issued more than 200 new drilling permits before the Gulf oil spill alone. Over the past year, since new safety standards were imposed, the administration has issued more than 60 shallow-water drilling permits. Since the deep-water moratorium was lifted in October, nine new wells have been approved.

Remember when she claimed the President’s trip to India was going to cost 200 million dollars a day? That was a total, out and out lie. Remember when she said that Social Security was out of money when it really has a surplus? Politifact, the Pulitzer-prize winning site that researches statements made by politicians for their accuracy and truthfulness, rates her as the politician who makes more false statements than any other. By far. It’s not even close. If she was a racehorse she would be in front by 50 lengths. Now that’s scary. Also, how could we forget all of her historical errors and how she doubles down on her wildly ignorant statements? Who does she think she is, Sarah Palin? She is not just making mistakes that are innocuous. She wants to make the President look bad. She isn’t saying it is Thursday instead of Wednesday, oh silly me. No.  She throws out huge lies and knows they will stick with a lot of misinformed people in order to show the Democrats and the President in a bad light. That’s wrong and she does this way too often. For all of her Christian beliefs, it seems quite sinister and disingenuous.

Does it hurt when you talk out of both sides of your mouth Michele? You have built this reputation as a big government foe, a woman looking to shrink government, yet you clearly have no trouble taking money through stimulus dollars for your state. You and your family have personally been benefitting from these “handouts” you want to get rid of. You are also not being completely forthright when questioned about these matters as days go by. I leave you with a quote by Tennessee Williams which sums up Michele Bachmann quite nicely:

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite! Right Michele?

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