Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever Sarah Palin

“He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms uh by ringing those bells and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free and we were going to be armed.”

                      –Sarah Palin’s version of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

Articulate as hell, ain’t she?

Sarah Palin. Patriot. She just loves her some America and that good ole’ American founding history stuff. Why don’t ya know she loves it soooooo much that she has packed up Todd and the kids, hopped into a monsterous little tour bus paid for by her fawning fans and donors, emblazoned with the SarahPAC plea for more money on the sides so she can “educate” and “energize” us plain folks about the founding principles, you betcha. Oh, and it’s NOT a presidential trial balloon in order to get her face out there again and generate interest from her hypnotized loyal base. Or, she’s just not sure yet if it’s a presidential trial balloon in order to get her face out there again and generate interest from her fanatical loyal base. Or she says that this trip is a family vacation…uhm…paid for by her SarahPAC?  Get over it people.

Oh Sar-ah! I simply have to insist that you stop looking and sounding this stupid everyday of this little jaunt or the media will never report on anything else important that is going on in our world. Things like the stalled economy, extreme weather events destroying our towns and cities, or even what that evil Bachelor Bently said about darling Ashley will NEVER be front page news if you keep this up! Stop it. Just stop!

Look, I know most Americans don’t know their basic history facts very well, and the facts surrounding Paul Revere’s ride are pretty unknown to most. There are nuances to that bit of folklore that many don’t know. For instance, there were many riders that night, and two men rode with Revere at varying points of the trip, one named William Dawes and the other Dr. Samuel Prescott. As a matter of fact, Paul Revere never finished his ride that night, as he was captured by the British. Both Dawes and Prescott were captured by the enemy but both escaped. Prescott eventually actually made it to Concord to warn the folks that the “regulars were coming”.

That video clip of a bumbling Sarah Palin is just further proof that those who are shooting off their mouths the most about our history and founding and how we need to get back to those ideals and values are the one’s who KEEP SCREWING IT UP THE MOST! Palin looks like a deer in the headlights and sounds so completely dazed and confused as she stumbles, stammers, and fumbles to get the words out that she sounds like a total idiot. Totally. An Idiot.

There was not any warning “to the British”. There were no bells rung or shots fired by Revere during the ride (although by accounts there were shots fired here and there by others throughout the night and some riders may have used bells at various points). He rowed a boat across the Charles River to begin his journey and had to muffle the sound of the oars so as not to alarm a local man-o-war as a matter of fact. Palin’s twisted facts for the umpteenth time are easy to spot and hard to listen to, like how she said the “‘Statute’ of Liberty was a warning to us to stay unique… and not adopt[ed] socialist policies”???? It is clear that this woman is completely unable to form complex thoughts…especially extemporaneously. What is so scary is that these gaffes happen consistently. Wouldn’t you think that she would have brushed up on some basic facts before she even went on this publicity/media-whore tour? That is what really bugs me. Once again, it is SHE who spouts her patriotism and knowledge of the past but yet does not have the ability to correctly articulate the basics.

What I really want to know is, did Palin get asked this question before or after her little tour on the Freedom Trail? Will she claim it’s the “lamestream media” asking her a “gotcha” question? That line is  getting really old. Either way, someone needs to brush up on their basic history facts yet again. I only wish her next stop was Connecticut where we could get her to talk about the Pequot War. Oh, please, please, please?! I can just hear it now. I betcha she would say something about how beautiful those birds are and what a darn shame it was that they fought each other…

Addendum: So the right is claiming that Palin was correct in her assertions about Revere. Ha-ha you haters! They make reference to the fact that Revere, after his capture made exaggerated claims as to the size of the militia forces they might face. It is true that he did. However, the fact remains that in her blubbering news interview, she made a completely incoherent and rambling  statement of historical facts. I honestly cannot ascertain what the hell she was talking about. Was she speaking of the ride he made and what he did during it? Was she speaking about a minor event in the process which still does not back up her claims that he “fired shots”, or “rang bells” or “warned the British we were going to be free…”? I stand by my comments that she is incapable of forming coherent thoughts off the top of her head. She takes a lot of information, jumbles it all up in her head, then spits it out into this garbled morass of mis-information. Otis the drunk from The Andy Griffith Show makes more sense than this twit. Hey Otis, give Sarah the keys to the cell and let her sleep it off.

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2 Responses to Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever Sarah Palin

  1. fireb1994 says:

    Hi Jodi, here something from your old brother-in-law, really enjoy your Blog!

    OMG, Sarah is going to attempt to answer another question, America please cover your children’s ears this could confuse the hell out of them. We know the bus tour is not a campaign tour, so it must be like an on-site basic history education program for dummies. Sarah, if it gets hard to interpret all this new data ask you daughter to clarify it for you, and please ask her to give you some pretest before you go it alone with reporters. Please stop talking history Sarah, statements like the Statue of Liberty was a warning to America from a foreign power, and Paul Revere warned the British, it’s like you’re in a contest with Michele Bachmann on who’s the biggest idiot. Stop trying to compete with each other, your both mental midgets, half witted and/or heavily medicated. Speaking about medication Sarah, do you happen to have a condition such as Adult Attention Deficit Disorder or something which requires you to take prescription drugs on a daily basis? That would explain a lot.

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