Palin the Self-liker…

     Oh Sister Sarah. Even I feel so sorry for you right about now. It has come to light that you actually do not take care of your own “official” Facebook page, but DO have a fake Facebook name which you apparently use to “like” a lot of Bristol’s stuff and, yes, your OWN stuff. It is so typically Palinesque for its obvious pathetic implications, I mean, you actually say, “Amen” to one of “Sarah Palin’s” posts on the ” Sarah Palin” page. Hey, stay with me, I know it’s a little complicated. This imposter name is “Lou Sarah”. “Louise” is Palin’s middle name so how dadgumit cute is this new name (if not very ingenious if you are trying to not get found out). But honestly, considering your long history of bombast, denigration of our president, and promotion of misinformation with your folksy, gosh-gee-williker delivery, this is such a non-issue that I have to go to bat for ya, you betcha.
     Alright, making a fake identity to promote yourself is a little smarmy and juvenile, I admit. But what genius! I have decided to do the very same thing thanks to your inspiration! I’m tossing around a few monikers, some of which include Liz Jodi (my middle name is Elizabeth so this is brilliant, right?), or even Joliz Bricewitt. I think these names should throw people wayyyy off track.
     Next, I intend to “like” my status posts, like maybe that one where I hilariously posted that, “Chris Christie sucks!” on February 3. Or, maybe some of you remember the awesome, “Koch kills!” in December of 2010. How about the one where I say, “Oh yeah? Well Republicans are doody-heads”, back on March 3rd? Oh, yeah. This is gonna be really cool.
     Sarah, on this one, I’m on your side. Using an alias to help your career is silly and callow, but considering what you do with the rest of your spare time since quitting your job, this is fairly innocuous stuff. I think you may have a future outside of politics after all, as a fiction writer. You are obviously used to spreading falsehoods AND you can obviously come up with a really clever pen name. Go for it!

About Blithering Idiot

I am a teacher and I love my job.
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