Blithering Idiot Rants

In the true spirit of my blog name, here is some of what is bugging the stuffing out of me lately…
1. Scott Walker. What a disingenuous bag of wind he is. He is like the older brother who gets his kid brother in a headlock after the kid steals his quarter and promptly beats kid brother’s brains in until he gets the quarter back…plus 10 bucks more. Hey Walker, raise taxes on your rich friends instead of adding 67 million to your state deficit for tax cuts since we need “shared sacrifice”, end corporate welfare/subsidies, give back 12-15 percent of your salary AND benefits tomorrow morning and then get back to me.
2. Why hasn’t Glenn “never pass up a chance to use the word “Nazi” when talking about progressives, Soros or Obama” Beck made the point on his handy-dandy blackboard that one of the very first things the NAZI’S did was BANISH UNIONS??? His silence is deafening (but oh how sweet).
3. Why doesn’t the average American get all hot and bothered over BILLIONS in subsidies (i.e., corporate welfare) to oil companies making BILLIONS in profits, farm subsidies in excess of BILLIONS to the highest grossing farms in the country, and all other private sector businesses who feed at the trough of the government?
4. If unions and public workers are now the supposed “problem” with regards to fiscal solvency, how come states who have no unions to speak of, like good ole’ Texas, are in terrible financial straits? Sorry, can’t scapegoat workers there.
5. Why do the republican/tea party folks who want to cut discretionary spending for incredibly informative and educational media like NPR and PBS think advertising for the Army on the side of a car making a left hand turn for hours is money well spent?
6. In keeping with the theme of rant # 2, where does Michelle Bachmann get off demonizing President Obama for being a supposed “big-government socialist”, and square that with the fact that Bachmann’s family farm received $251,973 in federal subsidies between 1995 and 2006?
7. Does Chris Christie EVER spend time in New Jersey? I mean, doesn’t it seem like he just zips back to Jersey after delivering speeches in other states to demonize teachers and unions because it’s his hobby?
8. Did Lady Gaga really need to let us all know that she smokes “lots of pot” when she writes her music? Ya know, it’s not like we couldn’t tell there’s some funny business going on when she gets dressed in the morning anyway.
9. The people who have received any form of assistance from the government like subsidized college loans, unemployment benefits, medicare, social security…even those who get weekly paychecks from government, who hate, just mouth-foaming despise, big government. Really?
10. Why is it just peachy-keen to end nutritional programs for infants and children, but keep tax loopholes in place for BILLIONAIRES so those BILLIONAIRES pay less in taxes percentage-wise than their secretaries?

*I have decided that I will always capitalize any form of the word BILLIONAIRE because no one’s eyes should ever glaze over that number. It’s a lot, no matter what you’re counting.

About Blithering Idiot

I am a teacher and I love my job.
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