The Koch Puppet Masters Pull Walkers String in Wisconsin

As the events in Wisconsin have unfolded, where Governor Walker is doing his damdest to break the unions, it has become crystal clear that what is going on there is a direct and insidious result of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision which many of us progressives have been raging and railing and writhing in agony over. In case you didn’t know, Citizens United was a decision made by the Supreme Court that corporations are basically now considered “people” and can give unlimited amounts of money to political groups and campaigns to sway their votes. Of course, corporations can’t actually cast a vote in the voting booth, but they sure as heck can affect millions of votes through their money. My vote and your vote is dwarfed by their power and riches since that decision. Hence, the money trail that has now influenced Republican leaders like Scott Walker can be seen through as clearly as Lady Gaga’s condom outfit under the bright lights of the Good Morning America set.

Follow this little trail, and I promise you won’t need to drop crumbs to find your way back (however, you may need smelling salts as the trip will make you nauseous). Scott Walker was elected in Wisconsin through the direct and indirect “donation” of millions of dollars given to various groups that were funneled to his campaign, made possible now by the Citizens United decision. The Center for Media and Democracy has outlined this trail clearly and without dissent. David Koch of the “me and my bro’ Charles will soon rule the world MUHAHA” Kochs, PERSONALLY donated one million dollars to the Republican Governor’s Association and was matched by Rupert Murdoch of Faux Fox News Corporation million for million. Chump change and a sound investment for these business moguls, because as we now know, the RGA then spent 5 million dollars in television ads attacking Walker’s opponent. Money talks. No. Money screams.

Now, as many of us know who have been watching these Koch boys operate behind the scenes, their goal is to end any and all regulations which stop them from polluting and looting. They want “smaller government” which we all know means “no rules” for them. They want lower taxes on business, lower capital gains taxes, and to totally eliminate the estate tax. They want to kill the EPA and its ability to keep our air and water clean. They want to roll back civil rights laws and worker health and safety regulations. THEY WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT WORKERS WILL NEVER AGAIN HAVE THE ABILITY TO ORGANIZE AND COLLECTIVELY BARGAIN. Cut to Wisconsin and Governor Walker’s total assault on workers. The dirty little trail comes full circle. Remember, these are the sons of a tried and true John Bircher. They have an agenda. That agenda is to die with the most toys as the saying goes, and the working class is in their damn way.

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