Bachmann Rewrites History

13th Amendment of the nited States Constitution.

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I feel compelled to extend an invitation to Michele Bachmann to attend my history class when we will be discussing The Civil War and slavery. Perhaps she will learn that slavery ended in 1865 with the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. She appears to be ignorant of this fact, since she has stunningly claimed while speaking to Iowans who claim to be tax weary, that the “founding fathers worked tirelessly until slavery was no more” and skin color “didn’t matter” in the early days of democracy.  She also exclaimed that “different cultures, different backgrounds, different traditions” were readily accepted and embraced. Who is going to break it to her that actually those founding fathers, the idols of the Tea Party, accepted slavery during the founding and then some thank-you-very-much? Did she ever learn about the Three-Fifths Compromise in school? Maybe we can explain to her that it meant slaves were counted as three-fifths of a person for representation and tax purposes in our Constitution. Three-fifths of a person. Do you think she knows that in Article 1, Section 9, of the Constitution Congress was limited, expressly, from prohibiting the “Importation” of slaves, before 1808? We need to tell her that. She also mentions John Quincy Adams as a tireless worker against slavery. Hey, she got at least some of that right. He was against slavery, but unfortunately he was not a founding father (maybe she got him mixed up with his dad). Oopsie-daisy. Do you think she knows that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson actually owned slaves? If not for about 150 slaves, Jefferson’s Monticello estate would have ceased to exist. I would also love her to be there when we talk about the time period from about the middle of the nineteenth century when nativism reared its ugly head. In case Bachman doesn’t know (cough, cough), nativism was the term used to describe the anti-immigrant feelings which welled up during that time. Anti-Catholic, anti-German, and anti-Irish feelings were widespread throughout America at that time. People hated German traditions like the beer gardens. Are you kidding? Beer gardens are an awesome idea! Thanks Germans! Vandalism was so common against Catholic institutions (Roman Catholic Irish immigrants were feared because of their growing political power) that insurance companies refused to cover Catholic schools or churches. Seems too many people were trying to put them out of business. Out of that fear and the desire to discriminate against that immigrant populace, the Know-Nothing Party (officially known as The American Party) was formed and succeeded in winning some elections to promote their nativist platform. Ah, the Know-nothings. I guess history really does repeat itself, right Michele? But back to that invitation. I’ll be waiting. Bring a notebook. You will be taking a lot of notes. Quiz to follow

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