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It’s officially two weeks since I embarked on my latest quest to lose that stubborn baby fat. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Jodi, your daughter is almost 17. By baby fat, I simply mean that since I’ve been a baby, I’ve been fat. Well actually, that’s not entirely true. I’ve managed at times in my life to be average-sized. I was actually in the single digits in 1974, 1985-86, and for one whole day in 1989. That was a fun day. In my 20’s I was never happy with my weight, but I look back at pictures and realize I was not bad. Not perfect, but not as awful as I feared. Anyway, I’ve managed to lose weight on every diet imaginable. My childhood friends, no doubt remember my grape diet when I was about fourteen. I ate nothing but 23 grapes a day for a week. I mean NOTHING BUT 23 GRAPES  A DAY. I lost 10 pounds. For some reason, I’ve never been able to muster that kind of steely determination in adulthood. I have no illusions of being thinny-thin. I really just want to be healthy. I think I am. I don’t smoke, drink moderately (in most months that have an “r” in them anyway), eat very healthy (I actually STILL use my Jack LaLanne juicer after a year) and work out. I’ve actually done P90X on a consistent basis (with a barf bucket nearby), run in 5-K’s, and have always liked to exercise which is a good thing because I’ve always liked to eat. I do admit incredulity when I realize it takes running a half-marathon to burn off one measly Entenmann’s chocolate frosted donut. Come to think of it, if Entenmann’s had never existed, I might be 25 pounds lighter. Damn them.

 I’m pretty happy to say that at the two-week mark, I am down 3.5 pounds. That’s this morning’s number anyway. I usually weigh myself in the morning, sans clothes, and before any food or drink passes my lips. If I step on the scale later on, I could be up a pound or two. That I don’t fully understand and it’s why I don’t step on the scale very much after morning. I’ve given some thought to putting the scale in front of the fridge. However, I realized that I’d have to put a scale in front of the cabinets where the cookies are, one for the pantry where we store the microwave popcorn and cheese doodles, and I’d need one for the refrigerator in the garage where I keep the Skinny Cow ice cream “novelties” (why the hell do they call them novelties anyway?). My point is, I’d be living in an obstacle course of scales, so I’m putting that idea on the back-burner because it sounds dangerous. I can’t afford being injured at this juncture of my journey.


 So I will continue my pursuit knowing that slow and steady wins the race. I keep telling myself that it took numerous stops and starts before I quit smoking completely over a decade ago. All kidding aside, that is still one of my proudest moments because smoking is an insidious addiction. I’ve read where it takes 3 weeks to make change a habit. I’m at week two and feeling pretty positive. As I type this I’m eyeing up that P90X disc. I’ll get the bucket.




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