Talking Heads on the Defensive

Beck has at times spoken against violence, but he more often forecasts it, warning that “it is only a matter of time before an actual crazy person really does something stupid.” Most every broadcast has some violent imagery: “The clock is ticking. . . . The war is just beginning. . . . Shoot me in the head if you try to change our government. . . . You have to be prepared to take rocks to the head. . . . The other side is attacking. . . . There is a coup going on. . . . Grab a torch! . . . Drive a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers. . . . They are taking you to a place to be slaughtered. . . . They are putting a gun to America’s head. . . . Hold these people responsible.
Spare me your self-righteous indignation Limbaugh, Hannity, and O’Reilly. Cease your attempts at soothing Mrs. Palin’s frazzled nerves Beck, and attempting to paint her as a victim in need of protection. The pomposity…even from the king of pomposity…is farcical! And keep cowering Palin, it just proves how truly vacuous your “leadership” abilities are.  Her lack of any meaningful or heartfelt words of  substance are telling. The woman is in hiding, after sending her lackeys to backtrack on her gun imagery  (oh yeah right, the crosshairs are now called “surveyors marks”–pathetic) and gun references. She simply sits and hides and perhaps waits for someone to figure out what she should say. Funny, the woman is never at a loss for words, or tweets. Maybe that’s the problem. She just can’t figure out how to answer the tough questions, or form thoughtful words consisting of more than 140 characters. I guess she really only loves to preach to her choir, hide from the “lamestream media”” and play tv star.  Just “man up” already, the favorite phrase of you and the Tea-Partiers, and admit that the violent rhetoric has to end. It is not responsible nor civilized and it only stirs-up the angry fringe, who really don’t need anything to push them closer to the breaking point. The gun-toting mama image you love to throw around is perhaps not the correct tone to set. Perhaps you could do a little self-reflecting and maybe LEARN something by the massacre in Arizona.  No, you didn’t put the gun in his hand, and I have no idea where his influences came from, be they left or right or just from crazyville. You were slammed immediately after the shooting. Guess why? Because you earned it. All of the pundits and politicians who used their sharp tongues and threw around words on a consistent basis which were irresponsible bought and paid for that criticism. Now own it and own up to it. Don’t play the poor me game.  Seize this moment to rise above the fray, admit some of your words have been ill-chosen, and move on to a more positive realm. Use this as an oppotunity to grow. All of us as Americans should be questioning our roles in the state of our toxic soup we find ourselves in. I know I have. But please, please, please don’t play the victim. The victims are being buried this week, and fighting for their life in a hospital bed in Arizona.

 Rush Limbaugh? Has he ever had one moment of self-reflection in his life? Ever?  Has he admitted being wrong, or crossing a line anytime? This is what turns his listeners on apparently. Bill O’Reilly? In fairness, O’Reilly has on rare occasions, taken stands that were opposite of his far-right comrades at Fox. However, those moments are very few and far between. O’Reilly feeds the rage machine as well as any of them. Any self-reflection from him? Nope. Yet I have heard left-wingers admit they need to choose their words more carefully, like Keith Olberman. I fully admit that the minute I heard about this shooting, I laid odds it was someone who leaned towards the right, the far-right. The government is evil and coming to take your guns and let the illegals overrun the border type of far-right. I did think about the Sharon Engles and the Michele Bachmans and the Sarah Palins and the Allen Wests (oh, he’s a doosey), and remember the Tea-party signs filled with references to guns and taking back “my country”, and the Obama is a muslim/Kenyan/socialist and wants to lead us into a one-world-government. It’s why I attended John Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in October. I couldn’t stand the rancor, the violent rhetoric and the extremism. Well I’m here to tell you, I want my country back too. From those who choose to make violence a viable modus operandi. I want ballots, not bullets. I leave this messy argument to John Stewart who had the best line I’ve read so far on this matter. He wistfully opined on his show the other night, “It would be really nice if the ramblings of crazy people didn’t resemble the way we talk to each other on TV.” Bullseye.

Literally minutes after I posted this, Sarah Palin finally came out( 5 days later) with a statement on Facebook of course. It is filled with a lot of very defensive talk, and yet I see not one sentence that shows ANY self-reflection or admittance that she uses gun images to promote her agenda. Her, ‘wink, wink”, uses of the terms are meant only politically. Of course I don’t condone violence (just read between the lines of my cryptic speeches). Poor, poor Sarah. She reminds me of the little brother who constantly flicks the back of his brother’s head as they ride in a car. Finally, the big brother can’t take it anymore, turns around and pops his kid brother in the nose. All hell breaks loose as mom and dad scream and yell at the big brother for harming the poor little darling. Little brother throws up his hands and says, “hey, I didn’t do nothin’ wrong.” Riiight       

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