So, like ok, it snowed…a lot.

Yes my friends, it snowed like heck and we are all stuck inside our homes for a day or two. Unless you have sick kids or hate your spouses, things could be a lot worse. I have taken these last 24 hours to decompress from the usual stresses of teaching and the hectic Christmas festivities. I have read, worked-out, Face-booked my butt off, cleaned a closet(summer clothes are officially away-yippee), eaten,  napped on and off, and eaten some more. I have looked out my window and marveled at the amount of the white-stuff piled up against my house and wondered why nothing has collapsed yet,including my poor husband. I have also thanked the stars above that we have a warm, cozy, home to ride out the blizzard of 2010 in. That being said, today is the day that I have decided to start a blog because I just can’t always keep everything I am feeling or thinking to myself, although many people, I’m sure, wish I would. I never try to offend anyone, although, again, I’m sure I have or will. I don’t think my way is the only way (my husband may beg to differ), and sometimes I need to be corrected (let’s keep that to a minimum, OK?). As Cindy Lauper once opined, girls just wanna have fun, and I think this will be a lot of fun for this girl. Bring on 2011!

About Blithering Idiot

I am a teacher and I love my job.
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